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  • Kibiger earns Master of Education degree

    by Melinda Lantz | Dec 18, 2019

    Posted Dec. 18 - Michelle Kibiger, director of assessment, graduated Dec. 14 from the University of Illinois Chicago with a Master of Education in measurement, evaluation, statistics and assessment.


  • Mills elected to state leadership position, earns certification

    by Melinda Lantz | Dec 18, 2019

    Posted Dec. 18 - Alex Mills, assistant professor of pharmacy practice, has been elected secretary of the Indiana College of Clinical Pharmacy. He also recently passed his Board of Pharmaceutical Specialties exam and became a Board Certified Ambulatory Care Pharmacist.


  • Smith, Kisor co-authors of book on pharmacogenomics

    by Melinda Lantz | Dec 18, 2019

    Posted Dec. 18 - Tom Smith, associate professor of pharmacy practice and pharmacogenomics, and Dave Kisor, professor of pharmaceutical sciences and pharmacogenomics, along with two colleagues, have written a book, Pharmacogenomics: Foundations, Competencies, and the Pharmacists’ Patient Care Process. Published by the American Pharmacists Association, the book will be available in hard copy with an online version that will be updated regularly and should be available soon.



  • Three elected to AACP leadership

    by Melinda Lantz | Dec 17, 2019

    Posted Dec. 17 - The result of a recent election, Manchester will have three representatives in leadership positions of the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy. Jennifer Henriksen, associate dean of academic and student affairs and professor of pharmacy practice, was elected chair of administrative services. Diane Calinski, associate professor of pharmaceutical sciences and vice chair of the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, was elected chair of biological sciences. And Tommy Smith, dean of pharmacy programs and professor of pharmaceutical sciences, was elected as an administrative board representative of the Council of Deans. 



  • Beckett, Noureldin named top reviewers for journal

    by Melinda Lantz | Dec 17, 2019

    Posted Dec. 18 - Marwa Noureldin, assistant professor of pharmaceutical sciences, and Rob Beckett, associate professor of pharmacy practice and director of the Drug Information Center, have been named top reviewers for the journal Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy. RSAP top reviewers are selected by all editors, and their decisions are based on the quality of reviews with additional consideration given to quantity and promptness. 




  • Mayer articles are published

    by Melinda Lantz | Dec 16, 2019

    Posted Dec. 16 - Seth Mayer, assistant professor of philosophy, recently published three articles. “Interpreting the Situation of Political Disagreement: Ranciére and Habermas” was published in the Journal of French and Francophone Philosophy and can be read here.

    A brief commentary, “Equality, Democracy and Transitional Justice,” which discusses Professor Colleen Murphy’s book, The Conceptual Foundations of Transitional Justice, appeared in Social Philosophy Today, can be read here. Finally, he has an article on "Climate Change and Environmental Regulation" in Ethics, Left and Right: The Moral Issues That Divide Us, an ethics textbook that includes civil debate on contentious social and political issues from authors on both sides of the political spectrum. Read it here.


  • Williams is guest editor of podcasting symposium

    by Melinda Lantz | Dec 16, 2019

    Posted Dec. 16 - Leonard Williams, professor of political science and dean of the College of Education and Social Sciences, was the guest editor for a symposium on podcasting in political science to be published in PS: Political Science & Politics. PS has just released FirstView versions of the articles in the Spotlight section which highlighted eight noteworthy podcasts. The entire set of articles is available at  His introduction can be read here.




  • Skendaj presents on peace studies, pedagogy

    by Melinda Lantz | Dec 02, 2019

    Posted Dec. 2 - Elton Skendaj, Muir Associate Professor in Peace Studies, has been actively presenting on peace studies research and pedagogy. Skendaj made a presentation on “Student Stories: Using Digital Media for Civic Engagement in Peace Studies Course” at the Commemorating Violent Conflicts and Building Sustainable Peace conference at Kent State University in October. 


  • McKenna-Buchanan presents twice at convention

    by Melinda Lantz | Nov 18, 2019

    Posted Nov. 18 - Tim McKenna-Buchanan, assistant professor of communication studies, presented at the 105th Annual National Communication Association Convention, Nov. 14-16 in Baltimore, Md. He presented on a panel titled, “More than Survival: Using Basic Course Retention Research to Strengthen the Role of the Basic Course for Colleges and Universities,” and a teaching activity titled, “An Emotion Work Audit: Exploring Ways to Survive and Thrive in the Emotion-laden Workplace.”


  • Mills' work on cystic fibrosis presented at conference

    by Melinda Lantz | Nov 13, 2019

    Posted Nov. 13 - The work of Alex Mills, assistant professor of pharmacy practice, was presented on his behalf in October at the North American Cystic Fibrosis Conference in Nashville. It was titled “Implementation of a Pharmacist Driven Vitamin D Protocol in a Pediatric Cystic Fibrosis Clinic.”