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2022 Summer Research Grant Recipients

by Anne Gregory | May 20, 2022

Faculty Artistic and Creative Endeavor:

  • Greg Clark, professor of physics – Development of Prototype Low-Cost Water Column Measurement Devices
  • Pam Haynes, assistant professor of music – Music Curriculum Development, Design and Implementation (Piano)
  • Debra Lynn, professor of music and department chair – Apprenticeship in Opera Composition and Production with Stewart Copeland
  • Jeff Osborne, professor of chemistry and director of Biology-Chemistry Program – Facilitation of Timetabling Software Implementation for Course Scheduling at MU

Faculty-Student Summer Research Grant:

  • Tim McKenna-Buchanan, associate professor of communication studies, and student researcher Danielle Carlson – Exploring Communication Privacy Management Strategies of LGBTQ K-12 Teachers
  • Jeff Osborne, professor of chemistry and director of Biology-Chemistry Program, and student researcher Madison Downes – Characterization of 1,3-Diphenylpropane, Ritalinic Acid, and Alendronate Sodium Novel Biodegradation Pathways
  • Gabriela Tafoya, assistant professor of political science, and student researcher Jennette Olvera –- Comparative Welfare Entitlements Project (CWEP) 2022
  •  Kyle Watson, assistant professor of chemistry and student researcher Natalie Kotlin – Using Hetero Diels-Alder Cycloadditions to make Biologically Useful Molecules