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Portrait of Christy Tunnell

Christy Tunnell, MBA, RD, LD

Director of Clinical Education
Associate Professor of Nutrition and Nutrigenomics

Christy Tunnell, MBA, RDN, LD, a seasoned Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and business professional. Her education and research interests include nutrition, wellness, leadership development and coaching to truly engage consumers/patients and move any business to preeminence. She writes/presents seminars and demonstrations focusing on health promotion, disease prevention, comprehensive well-being, employee engagement and development, and customer service. She has worked in higher education, healthcare administration, premiere service organizations and understand both the intricacies and the universalities of each. She serves in board and leadership capacities and is LEAN Six Sigma trained. Christy enjoys reading, being outside, traveling, and spending time with family and friends. Customer service is transactional, customer empathy is emotional…be in the laughter and tears business.