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University Safety reception desk

The safety and security of the Manchester University community and their guests are a primary concern of the University and a principal responsibility of the Office of University Safety. Staff consists of a director, 7 full time officers, 4 part time officers, and an administrative assistant. A fully-trained, uniformed officer is on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week, supplemented by student cadets.

Officers patrol the campus and are charged with the enforcement of University policies and regulations. Violations of local, State and federal laws also constitute violations of University policies. To this end, campus officers work closely with local and State police agencies. Officers are also available to assist the campus community with medical emergencies, safety escorts, disabled vehicles, providing a lost and found repository and conducting safety training. (See our Services page.)

We also employ several student employees. Student Patrol workers wear a modified uniform, which identifies them as members of the Office of University Safety, and work with the event sponsors at dances and other events, providing a security presence and maintaining radio contact with the on duty officer. Student Patrol workers also assist with traffic and parking enforcement, and assist with clerical duties in the Safety Office.