Student Financial Services SFS

COVID-19 Refund Policy

2020 - 2021 Academic Year

Manchester University has undertaken significant initiatives, and is incurring significant costs, to mitigate health risks in the academic and residential living environment for the 2020-2021 academic year. It is possible, however, that the University may have to cancel in-person academic instruction or close its residence halls and dining services because of the pandemic. This policy sets forth the extent to which students will receive a credit or refund should either occur during the academic year.

Should the University need to cancel in-person academic instruction, it is prepared to provide all academic instruction online. Students may continue their education remotely without further risk or delay to their educational or career goals. Students also will continue to have access to many University student support services, such as IT, counseling, and career services, while working remotely.  Therefore, no credit for tuition will be issued. 

A portion of the residential facility fee will be credited or refunded, based on the day in the fall or spring semester when students are required to leave campus.  A credit or refund will apply only if the University cancels in-person instruction.
Should the University need to close its residence halls and dining services, students will be required to return home or otherwise reside in off-campus housing unless a valid reason is given to remain on campus.  The engagement collective leader will determine on a case-by-case basis whether individual students may remain on campus.

Because of the University’s fixed and additional costs incurred to mitigate the COVID-19 risk on campus, 80 percent of the remaining portion of room and board charges for the semester will be credited or refunded. Any credit or refund will be issued based on the day in the fall or spring semester when students are required to leave the residence halls.  Credits already have been issued for the period from Thanksgiving break until the end of fall semester when residence halls will be closed.

Should a student decide to move off campus absent the University terminating room and board contracts, the Terms and Conditions of Resident Hall Occupancy will apply.

The University first will apply a credit or refund to a student’s University account to offset any outstanding balances.  For any remaining credits, the student may choose to apply the credit to future balances or receive a refund.