Professional Sales

Program Opportunities
  • Major in Professional Sales
  • Minor in Professional Sales

In Manchester's newly developed professional sales program - one of the fastest growing on campus - you'll embrace the professionalism of sales in ways that prepare you for sales and non-sales jobs alike. You will develop skills in listening, empathy, critical thinking, and oral and written communication.  Every organization, whether it is large or small, for-profit or nonprofit, needs qualified, professional sales people who can help clients solve problems.  This program will open a wide variety of job opportunities for new graduates.

Program Highlights
  • Manchester’s professional sales program includes a course that marries sales and entrepreneurship.
  • A communication course focuses on the ethics of listening in sales relationships.
  • Students graduate from Manchester with an approach to sales that is distinctive and effective.
  • In the capstone course Case Studies in Business, required of all majors in the College, students organize and operate a business for a semester and then donate their earnings to a nonprofit of their choosing. Manchester business students have donated more than $94,000 and over 7,600 hours of service to various nonprofit organizations.
Successful Graduates
  • Because this program is brand new, most students have not had time yet to complete it, but Sky Kellogg ’15, who earned a double major in management and marketing, also succeeded in squeezing in a minor in professional sales before graduating in December 2015.  Following graduation, she realized her lifelong dream of going to work for the Walt Disney Company in Orlando, FL, and her minor in professional sales helped her land the job.  She is now an advanced sales associate for the Disney Vacation Club.