Liberal Arts Curriculum (LARC)

This innovative and interdisciplinary liberal arts curriculum (LARC) is a cohesive program that informs, inspires, and transforms Manchester students into persons of ability and conviction.By securing academic foundations, requiring interdisciplinary knowledge and skills, and delivering high‐impact student experiences, the LARC program prepares students to live, work, and thrive in a complex world.

The curricular framework embodies both the mission and the values of Manchester University. Courses will embody the mission and values through specific course content, though not every course offered in a specific category is required to include the same values or engage the same portion of the mission statement.

The new liberal arts program is comprised of three main components, each made up of multiple categories. The total hours may vary from 38 to 41 credit hours depending on the courses used to fulfill the Quantitative Reasoning and Creative Expression requirements.

Liberal Arts Curriculum (LARC)





First-Year Writing SeminarLA-FWS 3
First-Year Communication SeminarLA-FCS3
Quantitative ReasoningLA-FQR3-4
Cultural UnderstandingLA-FCU3
          Sub-total Credit Hours 12-13


Natural SciencesLA-ENS3
Social SciencesLA-ESS3
          Sub-total Credit Hours 12


My Manchester ExperienceLA-TME1
My Personal ExperienceLA-TPE1
My Academic ExperienceLA-TAE1
My Professional ExperienceLA-TPR1
Global PerspectivesLA-TGP3
Big Issues - 2 coursesLA-TBI6
Creative ExpressionLA-TCE1-3
          Sub-total Credit Hours 14-16
Total Credit Hours 38-41