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Bolanle Oladokun

5 Reasons Costume Bingo Is Just Like College

by Bolanle Oladokun | Nov 07, 2016
  1. The Anticipation - If you’re reading this and you are a senior in high school or have ever been one, you are well acquainted with the feeling of the anticipation of the unknown. College seems scary at first and the media portrays it in different ways. Specifically, the students in the media seem to have lots of free time, study for all their exams in a one-minute montage, and manage to pass. For most college students, this is far from the truth. We all have had at least one class where this was true, but for the most part you cannot pass a class with little effort. Likewise, at costume bingo no one knows if they’ll win or not. Yet, we all come with a single purpose. We come with anticipation to win a prize. In college, we come with the anticipation of achieving our goals and eventually graduating with a degree.

    Costume Bingo

  2. Some People Wear a Costume - Adding on to the idea of anticipation, some people have a sense of self when they start college and others do not. As a senior, I can attest to wearing several costumes before becoming my true self. Over the years, my costume was the perfect daughter and a future pharmacist. My junior year, my costume shed and I changed and became a Communication Studies major. We all wear different costumes to fit certain needs at given time. It’s up to the individual to decide what they are going to wear and how others receive them.
  3. There is Not an Even Playing Field and That’s Okay - We all come to college with different strengths and weaknesses. From my perspective, I have an advantage over some people because both of my parents graduated college. Some students do not have that privilege and cannot ask their parents for advice in certain scenarios. Analyzing that further, my mother was the baby of twelve in her family and the only one in her family who went to college. She struggled working two jobs, graduated with a degree in social work, and was able to retire at 50 years old. Likewise, in costume bingo you can’t control which cards you’ll receive, but unlike the game you are able to choose to win.
  4. It’s Fun, But Exhausting - Costume Bingo is a constant stress of almost winning. Several of my friends were either one or two spots away from receiving a prize. It’s frustrating when the announcer says, “Clear your cards!”. Yet, why I have I attended this event every single year at Manchester? It’s frustrating fun. Your friends console you, laugh at your pain, and congratulate you when you win. At college, this process continues on with heartbreaks, bad scores on exams, and late nights studying. Your friends are what keep you going through college.

    Costume Bingo

  5. Sometimes Carpet Wins - Yes, a student wrapped himself into carpet, duct-taped yellow hands on the sides, and won the costume contest. Others spent hours decorating their costumes and putting in maximum effort to win this coveted award. As a college student, I’ve realized that some of the best ideas are simple and not over thought. Confucius said, “Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” Don’t stress out over the small things and you’ll win this game of college. 
Bolanle Oladokun ’18 is a Communication Studies Major. Since she was a kid, she’s always loved to talk and frequently got into trouble at school for talking so much. She loves making people laugh, recording videos, and hanging out with friends. She’s happy to be able to use her gift to put a smile on people’s faces.