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Bolanle Oladokun

5 Types of Friendships at MU as Told by Flavors of Ice Cream at the JYSC

by Bolanle Oladokun | Apr 10, 2017


  1. Super Friends- You are the best of friends. You always make time for each other. When you two have fights they usually end quickly because of new drama and new memes.
  2. Rocky Road- You slowly started to forget to tell them when you were planning to eat. You started tagging other friends in memes instead of them. Their Snapchat story is nonexistent to you.
  3. Original Vanilla- You met each other your first year. There are never any fights between you guys. You started off as good friends and it was a mutual break. When you run into each other on campus, you wave and occasionally interact with them on Facebook or on Snapchat.
  4. Blueberry Cheesecake- The awkward cross-sex friendship: It started off as a few jokes here and there. You thought about dating them, but the timing was off, you were dating other people, or they’re family. You still text each other and tag each other in memes occasionally.
  5. Pumpkin Ice Cream- The seasons change and so does your relationship. You’ll catch each other in the JYSC or Funderburg Library and will instantly catch up on each other’s lives. You rarely ever have the urge to text this person or make plans.

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Bolanle Oladokun ’18 is a Communication Studies Major. Since she was a kid, she’s always loved to talk and frequently got into trouble at school for talking so much. She loves making people laugh, recording videos, and hanging out with friends. She’s happy to be able to use her gift to put a smile on people’s faces.

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