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Bolanle Oladokun

10 Times SpongeBob Had the Best Advice

by Bolanle Oladokun | Apr 07, 2017
  1. SpongeBob and Patrick: “At least I’m safe inside my mind.” Introverts rejoice! Everyone’s accidentally said something they didn’t mean or didn’t intend to hurt another’s feelings. However, no one knows your thoughts unless you say them verbally. Be careful with your words.
  2. SpongeBob: “I don’t need it!’ Currently going through this one with some of my friends. How’s your shopping habits? Do you need it? Cutting your spending habits could help you save for important things you may need in the future.
  3. Patrick: “It’s not me that’s got me, it’s me that’s got me.” Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy by being in denial. In college, we have so many resources at our disposal. Don’t be afraid to go to a friend, the counselor, or a tutor for help. Everyone needs help sometimes!
  4. If you tell another person a secret, it’s not a secret anymore. Gossiping hurts everyone. Keep it to a minimum.
  5. Patrick: "Walk in and ask for it." Life’s hardest problems are often solved very easily. If you’re tired with the way your life is, take initiative and make changes.
  6. SpongeBob: “Are you finished with those errands?” College is a competition between your friends and who has the most work to do. Instead of always having a comeback, try being empathetic and listening to your friend.
  7. Patrick: “My name’s not Rick!” Learning people’s names is also hard for me. One time, I had a girl in one of my classes and I asked her name four times. Seriously, I had her number and everything.  I’m sorry, Hannah! Still struggling with this one.
  8. SpongeBob: “Remember, licking door knobs is illegal on other planets.” Self-explanatory
  9. SpongeBob: “The best time to wear a striped sweater is all the time.” If you’ve never experienced Indiana weather, I’d just carry it around until May if I were you.
  10. SpongeBob: “I may be down, but I’m not out!” We are on Spring Break. Hopefully, everyone take’s time to rejuvenate and relax. Two months to go guys! 
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Bolanle Oladokun ’17 is a Communication Studies Major. Since she was a kid, she’s always loved to talk and frequently got into trouble at school for talking so much. She loves making people laugh, recording videos, and hanging out with friends. She’s happy to be able to use her gift to put a smile on people’s faces.

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