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Katie Byers

  • Top 5 Things I Miss from America

    by Katie Byers | Mar 23, 2017
    <p>I love New Zealand and everything in it, but I still miss some things that remind me of home. This week I thought I would share the top 5 things I miss from America the most. </p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <ol> <li>Ketchup, Ranch, Hot Sauce: Ketchup here is called tomato sauce (pronounced toe-ma-toe) and it kind of tastes like a combination of barbeque and ketchup. Ranch is non-existent and most Kiwi&rsquo;s don&rsquo;t even know what it is if you ask them about it. Hot sauce here is known as &ldquo;sweet chili&rdquo; sauce and tastes like sauce you get from a Thai restaurant. </li> <li>My Car: I never appreciated my car at home and now I have to walk everywhere. I have to carry my groceries home two miles to my flat. When I get back, I will never complain about having to take my groceries up a few flights of stairs haha!</li> <li>McDonald&rsquo;s: If anyone knows me, they know I love my McDonald&rsquo;s apple pies. The apple pies here are not the same and they do not taste like the ones from America. McDonald&rsquo;s is also outrageously expensive here. There is no dollar menu&hellip; the cheapest thing on the menu is $2.50!</li> <li>My Wardrobe: I was only allowed to bring one checked bag, a carry on, and a personal item on the plane. I only have three pair of shoes and a limited wardrobe. I miss the luxury of having all my clothes with me!</li> <li>Lectures: I didn&rsquo;t think I would miss lectures from home but I do. I have one class with over 2,000 people in it. There is only one room with a lecturer in it and the rest of the lecture halls just live stream into the lecture. It&rsquo;s very impersonal and does not keep you accountable to go to class. I miss my professor knowing my name and keeping me accountable to going to class!</li> </ol> <p><img src="/images/default-source/social-media-and-official-blogs/katiebyers033fd0922d02625b9ff6ff0000763cab.jpg?sfvrsn=d13db262_0" data-displaymode="Original" alt="KatieByers" title="KatieByers" /><br /> <em>Katie Byers '18</em>&nbsp;<em>is a&nbsp;biology-chemistry&nbsp;major &amp; business minor. A member of the women's basketball team, she plans to study abroad in New Zealand in February 2017, and her dream job is to work at an orthopedic hospital.&nbsp;</em></p>