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Tobechukwu Nwaelugo

  • A Little Bit of Advice

    by Tobe Nwaelugo | Mar 23, 2017

    A little bit of advice!

    So, YES! College is the land of experiences. The place to discover yourself, make future plans, and be the best you possible. It’s the place where you make new friends, and create relationships that last a lifetime.  Sure, you can definitely pursue all of these things, but a little bit of advice, don’t get carried away. Make sure you are able to time manage, and if you can’t (like me my first year), get some help (the Success Center). Don’t neglect your education for extra-curricular activities, the balance of both is what makes it worthwhile. My first year on campus I was in almost every club on campus, I so much wanted to try everything. I also tried balancing a sport into that for the beginning of the year, and after a trip to the Success Center I realised I wouldn’t have time for all of it. So, I tried a few things at a time, and explored that way.

    I say don’t get carried away for those who are more likely to (extroverts). Now for all my introverted friends, a little bit of advice, don’t let your shell prevent you from experiencing college to its fullest! There is just so much to learn from other students, so many diverse cultures to experience through clubs, programs, or even trips. Especially at a place like Manchester, go out there and do something you normally wouldn’t, at least one per week. I can understand that stepping out of your comfort zone can be hard, but I wouldn’t want you to miss out on all the learning and connecting you can gain from different people. I always believed that it was only through experiencing different things that you found your true self. Explore!

    College is about experiences, yes, but it is also about learning. The best college experiences happen when you have a good balance of both. Getting a sound education in the field of your choice, or simply exploring different fields to make your choice, while experiencing the world outside college. So, a little bit of advice, step out of your comfort zone, do new things, focus on your education, and be the best you you can be. 

    Tobechukwu Nwaelugo ’18 came to Manchester University from Nigeria. Currently pursuing a Political Science major and International Studies minor, she hopes to go to Law School and work for an International Organization.