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Tobechukwu Nwaelugo

  • We Put the East in BEAST!

    by Tobe Nwaelugo | Feb 08, 2017

    WELCOME TO EAST HALL!!! East is one of the traditional style residence halls at Manchester! What that means is that pretty much you get to know your whole floor with either trips to the bathroom or trips to the microwave. East is a great residence hall to live in to get to know more people and get to make more friends.  Maybe I am a tad bit biased, but I think East RAs (Resident Assistants) are the best on campus! Each year I have had a different RA and each year I have loved them so much! RAs are there for you, and you are not limited to just your floor. They create programs for us, sometimes it’ll be floor-by-floor and sometimes the whole hall is invited. The great thing about being in a traditional residence hall is the community you get with your floor.

    We also have hall competitions with our “rival” hall, Garver. We play a bunch of games that are a lot of fun to either participate in or just watch. There are also cookouts held for the hall, where the RAs make our meals!

    The most fun for me would be during Halloween when East has Wing Wars. This is where a theme is selected and then each floor competes on who can decorate it the best! So, if you have an artistic bone in your body, this is the event for you! If you are like me and you are lacking in that area, they are always looking for help so there are a bunch of things you could do! East is very laid back and easy to habituate! So if East Hall is your choice, you are making a good one! 

    Tobechukwu Nwaelugo ’18 came to Manchester University from Nigeria. Currently pursuing a Political Science major and International Studies minor, she hopes to go to Law School and work for an International Organization.