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Tobechukwu Nwaelugo

  • Mine to Me

    by Tobe Nwaelugo | Sep 12, 2016
    <p>If you watched <em>The Jungle Book</em> movie this summer, you will know where the phrase &lsquo;Mine to me&rsquo; came from. But first a back ground story.</p> <p>Last year, during my sophomore year, there were possible threats of my leaving Manchester to another school. I say threat because I was very afraid to leave, I definitely did not want to. When you are facing the possibility that you might have to let go of something you so much love, there will be a certain level of anger and sadness. Being in that situation made me think of all the things I would be missing out on, and made me miss things I had already experienced during my time here. It took me back to my first year. </p> <p>My first experience with Manchester was when I dropped off at the Intercultural Center, after a long day of travelling. I walked in and the first thing a bunch of students did was yell my name. I remember meeting my FYS group&mdash;I am still friends with most of them. I remember going through the phase of life where I wasn&rsquo;t sure if I wanted to go through with my major. I remember getting my first job (as a student blogger). Then I proceeded to get 4 more. All the jobs I have had in my two years at Manchester have provided me with a lot of opportunities to better myself. Things I thought you couldn&rsquo;t learn, I have learnt here. But all in all, I got to stay! (YAY!) and I am super stoked and excited to keep growing, and expanding my connections in Manchester. Enough Said. WELCOME TO MY MANCHESTER! </p> <p><img width="602" height="339" src="/images/default-source/social-media-and-official-blogs/multiculturalstudentorientation.jpg?sfvrsn=aa38b262_3" data-displaymode="Original" alt="MulticulturalStudentOrientation" title="MulticulturalStudentOrientation" style="line-height: 1.5;" /></p> <p>(Office of Multicultural affairs International Orientation) 2014&nbsp;<br /> <br /> <img src="/images/default-source/social-media-and-official-blogs/tobenwaelugo.jpg?sfvrsn=5d38b262_0" data-displaymode="Original" alt="TobeNwaelugo" title="TobeNwaelugo" /></p> <em>Tobechukwu Nwaelugo &rsquo;18 came to Manchester University from Nigeria. Currently pursuing a Political Science major and International Studies minor, she hopes to go to Law School and work for an International Organization.</em>&nbsp;