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Service Opportunities

The program demonstrates its dedication to service through various curricular and co-curricular avenues. Over the course of a student’s four-year program, a service component has been established as a non-credit bearing progression requirement for the P1, P2 and P3 years. All pharmacy students are required to participate in a minimum of two service events per semester. These events may be related to health care, such as health fairs or health education seminars, however, many are not, ranging from helping in local homeless shelters or community food banks to assisting in programs for elementary students or the elderly. Each event also requires a self-reflection assessment to further appreciate the value of the service event.

Within the program’s experiential education are additional service specific requirements. During our introductory pharmacy practice experiential (IPPE) rotations, students are provided with valuable interactions with underserved and medically vulnerable patients in our community. They will be involved in direct patient care activities, such as the collection of medication histories and performing basic physical exam functions.

Co-curricular opportunities exist through community service partnerships with the pharmacy program and a variety of our pharmacy student organizations. These community partnerships have provided our student body with opportunities, including, but not limited to. the chance to educate patients about the importance of medication adherence and other health related topics, provide diagnostic testing (such as blood pressures and blood sugar testing) to members of the community, and educate and administer influenza immunizations in various clinics. We work closely with the University’s Center for Service Opportunities in identifying service opportunities for all Manchester students. With the offering of an annual volunteer guide, as well as a weekly newsletter informing all University students about service opportunities, the Center is a valuable resource.

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