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The following records are Memorabilia.
TopicAccession #Description Summary
A Cappella Choir: PostersMC2004/379 A Cappella Choir posters. 
AdmissionsMC2004/200 Admissions piece, card advertising Manchester College, produced sometime during Schwalm presidency (1941-1956).  
Admissions: BannersMC2004/407 

Manchester College Banner Collection.

Admissions: Brochure 1894 - 1895MC2004/155 Admissions brochure advertising the 1894-1895 school year at Manchester College.  
Admissions: Brochure 1925MC2004/343 

Admissions brochure 1925.  Large brochure showing photographs of athletics, chapel, the college hospital, and a photo of the trustees, faculty, and students of 1925.

Admissions: PosterMC2004/55 Admissions Poster 1933 outlining various benefits to a Manchester education . 
Alspach, Catherine: DiplomaMC2004/347 

Catherine Alspach Bachelor of Arts Diploma.

Alumni: 1916 Reunion InvitationMC2004/54 1916 Alumni Reunion Invitation 
Alumni: Hensler, IrmaMC2004/543 

Irma Hensler Memorabilia Collection:

1 Election of Major Subject card, signed by C.W. Holl and Julia Vandevort on 13 October 1929.
2 Extension course card, signed by C.W. Holl and Cora Wise Helman on 19 May 1930.
3 Students Card from Winter Term 1924-25.
4 Students Card from Fall Term 1924.
5 Completion of Course Report, signed by Mrs. A. W. Cordier on 7 February 1930.

Alumni: Hunt, Marie (The Manchester Mirror)MC2004/401 

One issue of Refuge: Home for Wandering Manuscripts (May 1940).

Several issues of The Manchester Mirror (January 1938, April 1939, July 1939, January 1940, July 1940, January 1941, April 1941).

Alumni: Paul Boase CollectionMC2004/395 Materials from this collection include programs for "The Devil Passes," a play presented by the Senior Class of 1938, Program for the State Intercollegiate Oratorical Contest, dated 12 February 1937, Class Day 1937 program, Manchester College Bulletin from December 1935, Alumni Days, 1987 and 1992, Commencement program  for 1937 and other materials and photographs. 
Amber, Virga: DiplomaFlat File Drawer B 

Virga Amber Diploma.

Athletics: Certificate of AppreciationMC2004/675 

Manchester College Athletes Certificate of Appreciation:

Award from WFYI TV, dated 1993.

Aurora: Keller, Jane, Aurora, 1953MC2007/178 Aurora, 1953  belonging to Jane Keller.   This book has many autographs and inscriptions. 
Band: Letter from SweaterMC2004/511 Band letter (from letter sweater). 
Beery, Cleo: MemorabiliaMC2001/16  

Cleo Beery memorabilia from Mt. Morris College, Mt. Morris, Illinois.  Many items, including:

  • Our Dedication, Compliments of The Amphictyon Society," signed W.B.S. [Wilbur Stover?], undated
  • Permanent records of Wilbur Stover's time at Mt. Morris College, dated 1884-1890.
Books: With Significant MemoriesMU2013/88 Special Books - The publications in this collection have a special relationship with Manchester University and with the Church of the Brethren. Books belong to MC presidents, alumni, faculty/staff. Some contain special inscriptions by authors or donors. Some have poetry or articles written by associates of MC. 
Buildings: Polley, Frederick, DrawingsMC2004/372 Reproductions of line drawings of college buildings. 
Butterbaugh, EdgarMC2011/217 

Awards and degree belonging to President Emeritus, Edgar Butterbaugh, MC Class of 1949.

Cards, Passes, Reception Cards Large Box 185 

An assortment of cards and passes representing food service, student I.D.'s, athletic events, library, 1903 reception card, Queen of Hearts Banquet, 1955, etc.

Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle: Reading Course Diploma, SherrickMC2011/141 Mrs. M. M. Sherrick's completion of the four year course of reading as required by the C. L. S. C. and is enrolled as a member of the "Society of The Hall in the Grove," 1907. 
Choral Concert: PosterMC2004/183 

Choral Concert poster:

  • "Manchester College Presents A Choral Concert.  The A Cappella Choir, Men's Glee Club, Women's Glee Club.  Under The Direction of Clyde Holsinger" [1951] .
Choral Concert: PosterMC2004/180 Christmas concert poster: "Manchester College Presents:  Christmas Concert.  The A Cappella Choir, Men's Glee Club, Women's Glee Club.  Under The Direction of Clyde Holsinger" [ 1950].   
Christian Herald and Signs of Our Times, 1889MC2012/4 

The Christian Herald and Signs of Our Times, 1889 may have been utilized in the early days of Manchester College when  Professor David Howe was President of the institution.  

Class Cards, Passes and NotepadsMC2009/31 

A variety of cards, passes and schedules, for a variety of uses. They include but are not limited to: classes, organizations, and athletic events.

Clingenpeel, Ermon: Diploma, 1924MC2004/184 "Certificate of Proficiency in Typewriting Awarded to Ermon Clingenpeel for speed and accuracy in typewriting 38 words per minute according to International Contest Rules for 15 minutes on the Underwood Typewriter by Manchester College.  In Testimony Whereof we have affixed our names this 2 day of Jan. 1924 at North Manchester, Indiana."  Signed by Harry Hatcher (Instructor) 
Clingenpeel, Ermon: Diploma, 1924MC2004/451 

Ermon Clingepeel Diploma: Business Degree, 1924

Coe College: Band PosterMC2004/373 

Coe College Military Band:

  • Poster advertising a performance held in the North Manchester High School auditorium.  "America's Finest Cadet Band, direct from the inauguration of President Roosevelt."
Conservatory of Music: Brochure, 1894MC2004/195 

Conservatory of Music brochure, 1894.

Dances: PosterMC2004/342 

Presidential Ball Poster-1991.

Diploma: Sherrick, RobertMC2004/186 

One Bachelor of Arts diploma from Manchester College presented to Robert Sherrick, 1924.

Diploma: Sherrick, RobertMC2004/173 Academy diploma from Mount Morris College certifying that Robert Harold Sherrick has completed the work prescribed in the Academy Department of this Institution, 1920.  Two accession numbers are associated with this document.  The other number is MC2004/173.  
Diploma: Showalter, ArthurMC2004/188 

Showalter, Arthur, Liberal Arts Course of Study Diploma, Manchester College, 1928.

Diploma: Wilson, Vera, Two Year NormalMC2004/370 Vera Viola Wilson: Manchester College diploma, earned for Two-Year Normal Course.  Dated 30 May 1930.  
Diploma: Wright, Lowell, Preparatory DepartmentMC2007/184 Lowel Wright: One diploma for Lowell Wright graduating from the Manchester College Preparatory Department in 1898. 
Experts ListMC2009/71: Folder MC2009/71-V: Various  

Folder MC2009/71-V: Various - Poster for "Beat the Deadline."  Receive information from Manchester College faculty about many topics.

Flory, Paul: Degrees and CertificatesMU2013/87 A collection of some of the degrees and certificates conferred upon Paul Flory. 
Football and Basketball PostersMC2004/378 

Football poster showing schedule, dated 1947.

Football poster showing schedule, dated 1953.

Basketball poster showing schedule, dated 1932-1933.

Football: PosterMC2004/339 Football: Poster advertising Manchester vs. Ind. Central University at the MC Athletic Field, dated October 18, 1924.  
Founders' Day: Johnston, Mark, Entrepreneurship, 2003MC2004/12 Materials related to Founder's Day 2003. Founder's Day 2003 (November 16) was dedicated to entrepreneurship, in honor of Mark E. Johnston '68.  The inaugural lecture for the Johnston Professorship of Entrepreneurship was offered by James R. Falkiner '69.  
Graduation 1935: Commencement InvitationMC2004/198 An invitation to Manchester College graduation exercises [1935] that includes a drawing of Administration Building. 
Hamer, Esther: MemorabiliaMU2013/124 Memorabilia about Mount Morris and Manchester College collected by Esther (Rinehart) Hamer. 
Hardman, Eva: Diploma, Bible School, 1897MC2009/65 Hardman, Eva, diploma from The Bible School, 1897  
Hay, Mary Elizabeth: Certificate, Business Writing, 1919MC2004/667 1919 Certificate in Penmanship for Practical Business Writing through the Zaner Method of Arm Movement Writing, Ina Hornish, instructor.  Student: Mary Elizabeth Hay  
Hensler, Irma: Diploma, Two Year Normal, 1927MC2004/187 Irma Hensler, 1927: Diploma completing Two Year Normal Course of Study. 
Hoff, Emanuel: The Message of the Book of RevelationBC2013/5 A special copy of the book, "The Message of The Book of Revelation," by Emanuel B. Hoff, Professor, New Testament Exegesis, Bethany Bible School, printed for the author by The Abingdon Press, Chicago, Illinois, 1919.  The book contains Hoff's photograph and special handwritten message. 
Holl, Carl Waldo: Diploma, Sigma X.iMC2004/382 

Carl W. Holl Diploma.

Huber, Margaret: Photograph AlbumMU2015/104 The photograph album of MC alumna, Margaret Ann Huber Yoder (MC Class of 1924), and her husband's, Laurel Yoder's, 1928 MC graduation announcement. 
Hygiene and Practical CookingMC2004/684-1, 684-2 Brochure from 1900 announcing courses in hygiene and practical cooking and possible signature of A. B. Ulrey. 
Jackson, Dorothy: Diploma, B.S., EducationMC2004/500 Dorothy M. Jackson: Small diploma in leather folder.  Granted in 1943 for Bachelor of Science in Education.  
Junior - Senior Reception: 1934MC2004/199 

1934 Junior-Senior Reception Memorabilia:

  • Invitation, envelope, program with menu.
Justiniano Collection: Memorabilia 1950-1954MC2007/34 

Myrtis Becker Justiniano 's (MC Class of 1954) collection of Manchester College memorabilia, including May Day 1953.

Kinsel, Paul: CollectionMC2011/229 

Memorabilia belonging to student, Paul Kinsel,.  The collection reflects his 1928 - 1929 through 1931 - 1932 college experience.

Kintner, Edward,: TextbookMC2010/98 

Textbook with the handwritten name of Edward Kintner on the cover.  The title of the book is "Guide To The Study Of The Anatomy Of The Shark, Nexturus, And The Cat," by Samuel Eddy, Clarence P. Oliver, John P. Turner, Second Edition, New York: John Wiley & Sones, Inc., London: Chapman &  Hall, Limited.

For more information on Edward Kintner see, "The Story of the Natural Sciences at Manchester College," by WIlliam R. Eberly.

Kintner, Edward: Diploma, 1912, 1938MC2004/353 

Edward Kintner:

  • Program from Spring 1940 tour of Manchester Chapel Choir.
  • Edward Kintner's diploma from Manchester College, B.A., 1912.
  • Edward Kintner's diploma from Manchester College, Doctor of Science, 1938.
  • Photograph of college apartments (located on College Ave & Wayne St).
Leckrone, Joyce: Kennedy CollectionMC2009/22 John F. Kennedy and Bobby Kennedy magazine and newspaper collection with a Christmas card reproduced from an original painting by Mrs. John F. Kennedy with a handwritten note to Joyce from "Gladdys."  This is presumably Gladdys Muir.  
Leonard, Mary Elizabeth Diploma 1922MC2007/100  

Mary Elizabeth Leonard graduated from Manchester College in  1922.  This is her collection.

  • 1.  One photo album.
  • 2.  One diploma.  See MC2010/58 (Flat File B).
  • 3.  One photo.
Leonhard, Donna Barnhart MC2003/52 Donna Barnhart Leonhard is a Manchester College alumna, graduating in 1957. This is her student identification card from fall term, 1953.  
License Plate: Manchester CollegeMC2008/48 1. One license plate with the Manchester College logo. 
Medallion: Presidents'MU2013/83 Medallion worn by the presidents of Manchester College, when dressed in regalia, before the institution became a University. 
Miller, Ed and Martha: Collection of Programs and MemorabiliaMU2013/86 Handmade programs and memorabilia for MC clubs and organizations circa the 1950's. Photographs and identification of 1953 May Day Queen, Jean Childs Young and Court. Programs from Home Economics events (1950's). Oak Leaves issue announcing MC's Cherry Princess candidates. 1991 and 1992 issues of the Manchester College "Bulletin."  Photos from May Day 1956. Copy of "The Acorn," 25th year edition. 
Miller, Elsie: Diploma, 1918MC2004/678-6: Elsie Miller, Diploma 

One diploma presented to Elsie Miller after completing the Liberal Arts Course of Study at Manchester College, 1918.

Miller, Elsie: Normal English DiplomaMC2004/174 22 x 17" diploma of Elsie Miller, dated 27 May 1915.  Signed by Otho Winger (President), L.D. Ikenberry (Secretary). 
Mount Morris Church of the Brethren: Souvenir Booklet, 1867 - 1923BC2011/26 

This Sourvenir Booklet contains a dedicatory program, a commemorative and anniversary service of the Church of the Brethren in Mount Morris, Illinois, that took place on Sunday, 18 March 1923. It holds pictures of members, lists of elders, pastors, ministers, a membership directory as well as historical sketches.

Mount Morris College BookletMC2008/47 Mount Morris College Booklet circa 1920 with photos of school and students featuring students in 1918 - 1919. 
Mount Morris College: Barkdoll, Kathryn: DiplomaMC2004/490 

Mount Morris College diploma granted to Kathryn Barkdoll in 1905 for completion of the Academic Course of study in the Preparatory Department.

Mount Morris College: Kinsley, Lucile BuckMC2003/370 

Lucile Buck Kinsley's Mount Morris College Memorabilia Collection circa 1932.

Mount Morris College: MemorabiliaMC2004/1 

Mount Morris College Memorabilia: 1906 through 1931.

Mount Morris College: Stover, MiriamMC2003/371 

Miriam Stover's Mount Morris College Memorabilia Collection, circa 1913 - 1920.

Movie and Theater: Program Books and StagebillMC2007/68 

Souvenir Program Books and Stagebill: You Can't Take It With You (Harris Theatre, Chicago, Illinois), " Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Presents Ben - Hur," by General Lew Wallace, Directed by Fred Niblo (Souvenir Book, 1926), Walt Disney presents Fantasia, in Technicolor and Fantasound (Souvenir Book, 1940), Gone With The Wind (Souvenir Book).

Music Festival: PostersMC2004/380 Music Festival posters, 1955 and 1958. 
Music: Opera PosterMC2004/181 

"Von Flotow's Opera 'Martha' Presented By Manchester College Under the Direction of Arthur W. Kennedy, [1950].  

Neff, Ida Fields: MemorabiliaMC2003/353 

Ida Fields Neff Memorabilia Collection:

  • Birth announcement for Mary Joan, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Luke Hoff.
  • Manchester College Athletic Association membership card for 1919-1920 school year.
  • Invitation from Platform Reading Class to faculty and students of the Expression Department of Manchester College to attend readings.
  • Two calling cards--one from Mr. and Mrs. Arthur O. Mote and one from Olive Erickson.
  • Wedding program for Trude Mishler and Floyd Irwin, 14 December 1919.
  • Envelope addressed to Miss Ida E. Fields, from Pvt. F.E. Dewart, a soldier during World War I, 1919.
  • Envelope with Christmas card addressed to Miss Ida E. Fields, from Pvt. F.E. Dewart of the U.S. Army.  Sent during World War I.
  • Christmas card from Wormhout, France, 18 December 1918.  Signed "Fordie."
  • Valentine's card from N.N.
  • Reproductions of photos of J.E. and Nettie Miller.
  • Poem called "Whispers of Cheer," written by Ida Fields during her senior year.
  • Remnant from corsage.
  • Photo from play, "Every Student," showing Lillian Moomaw and Myrna Flory Gemmeo (M.C.1911-12-13).
  • Invitation for Junior-Senior Reception, 1920.
  • Note of thanks from Mrs. and Mrs. B. F. Wampler.
  • Letter from Sadie Stutsman (Wampler)  to Ida Fields, 1918.
  • Wedding invitation of Sadie Stutsman Wampler.
  • Letter to Ida from a male friend who is entering military service, 1918. (perhaps F. E. Dewart, "Fordie?")
Neher, Viola: Zaner Method CertificateMC2004/175 Penmanship - practical Business Writing certificate belonging to Viola Neher (1918) and signed by R. R. Hippensteel, Instructor. 
Orpurt: Cloth Letter CollectionMC2004/521 

Athletics: Cross-country letter from Phil Orpurt's letter collection:

Music: Cloth letter, script, gold with black background. 

Oxender, DaleMC2006/5  

Dale Oxender is an alumnus of MC and a prominent scientist. Five boxes containing personal items, certificates/awards, photographs, science equipment and writings, etc.etc.


See also, "The Story of the Natural Sciences at Manchester College," by William R. Eberly.

Pennant 1925MU2015/18 One Manchester College pennant [1925], in colorful pink and grey felt, with four-color image of the Administration Building adhered to the surface. 
Philorhetorian Literary SocietyMU2013/27 

The Constitution and Bylaws of the Philorhetorian Literary Society of Manchester College.

President's Office MemorabiliaMC2006/2 Certificates, Plaques and miscellaneous items removed from the President's Office. 
Public Programs: Buck, Frank, PosterMC2004/376 Frank Buck poster advertising the second lyceum number, Frank "Bring 'Em Back Alive" Buck, "famous explorer and greatest of wild animal collectors presenting the amazing, entertaining film record of 30 years of thrilling adventure!"  Dated 12 December 1946.  
Rannells, Irene: Student's Autograph Book circa 1927MU2013/151 Irene L. Rannells Burke, attended Manchester College during1927 and kept an autograph book during May of that year.  Many student autographs and sayings are written within its pages. 
Rohrer, Perry Lawrence: Diploma, Bachelor of Arts Degree, 1922MC2009/50 1. One Bachelor of Arts Degree belonging to Perry Lawrence Rohrer, Class of 1922.
Royer, Mildred Stackhouse: Scrapbook. 1936 - 1938MC2006/19 Personal scrapbook covering Mildred Stackhouse Royer's student life from 1936 - 1938. 
Schwalm, Vernon F.: Diploma, Honorary DegreeMC2004/189 

Schwalm, Vernon F.:

"Indiana Institute of Technology:   Know all men by these presents, That in recognition of his Distinguished attainments the Faculty of Indiana Institute of Technology with the approbation of the Board of Trustees, through the authority in them vested by the State of Indiana, has conferred upon Vernon F. Schwalm the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Humanities with all of the rights, honors and privileges thereto appertaining...." 1963.

Schwalm, Vernon F.: Diploma, Honorary DegreeMC2004/190 Diploma for honorary degree received by Schwalm in 1943 [?]. 
Sherrick, Dorothy: Mount Morris College Alumna, Diplomas, 1913 and 1915MC2011/140a,b,c 

Three diplomas for Dorothy Sherrick, alumna of Mount Morris College.

Sherrick, Dorothy: Mount Morris College DiplomaMC2004/193  Mount Morris College Bachelor of Arts diploma given to Dorothy Sherrick 25 May 1917.  
Sherrick, Dorothy: Mount Morris College Diploma, Music, 1916MC2004/191 

Dorothy Sherrick, Mount Morris College diploma from 1916 in the area of Music.

Sherrick, Marvin MC2004/49 

Marvin M. Sherrick taught at Mount Morris College from 1904-23 and at Manchester College from 1923-38.  This collection contains diplomas and degrees belonging to M. M. Sherrick..

Sherrick, Marvin: MC2004/176 

Sherrick, Marvin M. ;

  • Honorary Degree Diploma of Marvin M. Sherrick.  Signed by Otho Winger, President, and J.L. Cunningham, Secretary. 

Sherrick, Marvin: Honorary Degree, Mount MorrisMC2004/192 

Sherrick, Marvin M. ;

  • "The Trustees of Mount Morris College, Mount Morris, Illinois, on the recommendation of the Faculty, have conferred upon Marvin M. Sherrick the degree of Doctor of Literature and that he is entitled to all the Honors, Rights, and Privileges to that degree appertaining.  Given this 25th day of May in the year of our Lord...[1917] the Town of Mount Morris, in the State of Illinois.
Squirrelee Company 1977 Fall FantasiaMC2008/50 A Gilbert and Sullivan - like performance.  A comedy with music given by faculty and staff September, 1977. 
Student Development Student Development: Additional Information 

See also:  Memorabilia; Residence Life; Photo Box 178.

Student Life: Calendar, 1926MC2004/202 

Calendar for1926.

Student Life: Calendar, PostcardMC2004/402 Postcard with 1924 calendar and drawing of Manchester's campus.  Back is labeled:  Manchester College New Year's Greetings 1924.  Unused card. 
Student Life: Class CardsMC2004/14 Class cards for Hildreth Killen and Ruth Heestand for the course entitled Romans.  Stamped Nov 28 1927.  
Student Life: Handbook, CompassMC2004/501 Compass for the Campus handbook. 
Student Life: HandbooksMC2004/250 Handbooks, 1926 & 1935. 
Student Life: HandbooksMC2004/499 Spartan Cue [student handbook] 1966-2002. 
Student Life: Memorabilia from the 1920sMU2014/124 

Memorabilia including a Manchester student handbook (1927), alumni banquet program (1929), and booklet, "Three Thousand Miles Between," by Prof. J. Raymond Schutz.

Student Life: Rupel, LoisMC2001/11 Rupel, Lois Rupel Collection: Various academic materials, including coursework and Lois' sister. Annabel Rupel's, diploma. 
Student Life: Schedule, Fall 1927MC2004/369 Shows daily schedule between 7:30 a.m. and 3 p.m., including all courses, chapel, and lunch. 
Student Life: Scrapbook 1937 - 1941MC2009/73 Thought to be the Marjorie Stinebaugh and Vernon Ferrell Miller's scrapbook reflecting highlights of 1937-38, 1938-39, 1939-40, 1940-41.  
Student Life: TicketsMC2004/201 Tickets belonging to student, Lois Rupel, dated 1934 and 1935. 
Swank Crim, Louella Z.MC2003/134  Manchester College alumna, Louella Z. Swank Crim: Examination paper written by Louella Z. Swank Crim* at Manchester College, dated 24 January 1899 and entitled "Primary Geography."  
Switzer, Jo Young: InaugurationMU2013/137 

Cards, notes and letters of support given to Jo Young Switzer at the time of her inauguration as President of Manchester College, September 2005. Bulletin from the Inaugural Worship Service, 17 September 2005.  Menu from the event of 27 September 2005.

Theater: PostersMC2004/371 

Play posters:

  • "The Old Maid," dated 1944.
  • "The Servant in the House," dated 1933.
Theatre: Tri Alpha and Alpha Psi Omega MC2002/331 Theatre department programs from 1920-1989 (incomplete).  Alpha Psi Omega Dramatic Fraternity certificate.  
Weimer, Merle and Virgil: Memorabilia CollectionMU2012/62 

Memorabilia from Mount Morris College and Manchester College. Autograph album of 1910 and 1911. Photograph album with early photograph postcards (circa 1910) of students at Mount Morris College. Some of these cards were sent to Mamie Wine of Cerro Gordo, Illinois. Manchester College Aurora yearbooks with autographs. Picture of Elder D.  L. Miller.

Weimer, Orpha and Harry Collection: Manchester College Experience, 1927MC2011/189 

Below is a small representation of this collection's holdings.  See the accession page for a more extensive list of photographs and memorabilia:

"The Speaker of Tau Kappa Alpha, Golden Anniversary, 1908 - 1958," Vol. XL, No. 3, March, 1958, a booklet published four times a year.  Tau Kappa Alpha is a speech fraternity. 

Orpha Jackson Weimer's scrapbook from her senior year of college, 1926-1927 including:

  • Ditch Day, May Day, Freshman - Sophomore water fight, graduating Class picture, athletic competitions, Senior Banquet, nature hikes, Philophronian and Philalethean memorabilia, May Day Court with Queen, Mother's and Daughter's Banquet, and Commencement week program for 1927.
  • Picture of shelved cans at the Weimer Canning Factory in North Manchester.
  • Manchester College marching band.

Group photograph of MC male students.

Female student in MC Chemistry library.

Photograph of football team, presumably circa early 1920's.

Photograph of Manchester College Philophronian members in the summer of 1923.

Whitehead, Glen: Diploma, Philorhetorian Society, 1926MC2004/679-2 1926 Diploma.  Philorhetorian Literary Society presented to Glen Whitehead. 
Winger, Otho and Winger, Ida: Memorabilia from Foreign TripMC2004/635-22a,b 

Letters and momentos from Otho and Ida's foreign excursion.

Wright, EldonMC2003/127 Eldon Wright graduated from Manchester College in 1934. 
Wright, G. E.: Diploma 1898MC2004/668 1898 Diploma to G. E. Wright for the Teachers' Course of Study. 

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