Student Life

Counseling Services

Counseling Services are Free and Confidential

College is typically a time of exploration, growth and change. However, it can also be a time of struggle, frustration and distress. To assist students as they find ways to cope, Manchester University offers free counseling and support services.

Counseling Services are available to all enrolled students at no charge, and students may schedule up to eight sessions per semester.  As a part of Student Life, Counseling Services are located within both Manchester University locations.  Counselors are also available to connect students to community mental health services.

Your Mental Health is a Priority

To schedule an appointment or consult with a counseling staff member, contact us by email or phone. Outside of regular office hours, some evening hours are available by appointment. If a student would like to be connected to a counselor with particular identities such as LGBTQ+, race, ethnicity, preferred language, gender, religion, etc., the counseling staff will accommodate such requests as we are able.

Preparing for your session

When you arrive for your appointment, our administrative assistant will let us know you are ready, and the counselor will greet you in the waiting area and invite you into their private office. Once in the office, you may speak freely about whatever is concerning you. The counselor will help you to understand your thoughts and feelings. The counselor will not judge you or tell you what to do. Rather, you will be helped to understand your problem in the larger context of your life so that you can do what is right for you.

Prior to your first appointment, there is some paperwork to complete. First, there is a form to read through and sign which explains our services, confidentiality and what you can expect. There are also a few forms to complete which provide information about symptoms you may (or may not) be experiencing. You will receive a link to complete the paperwork with your appointment reminder or can arrive early for your appointment to complete it prior to meeting with a counselor.

Some paperwork may be specific to Bowen Center and is only used if you ever receive additional services (such as medication, testing, etc.) at the Bowen Center office which MU does not cover