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The following records are Mount Morris related.
TopicAccession #Description Summary
Beery, Cleo: MemorabiliaMC2001/16  

Cleo Beery memorabilia from Mt. Morris College, Mt. Morris, Illinois.  Many items, including:

  • Our Dedication, Compliments of The Amphictyon Society," signed W.B.S. [Wilbur Stover?], undated
  • Permanent records of Wilbur Stover's time at Mt. Morris College, dated 1884-1890.
Ebey, Adam: Student at Mount Morris CollegeMC2004/721 

Adam Ebey Collection: Collection of grade reports, Sunday School certificates, and other material documenting Adam Ebey's time at Mount Morris and Manchester Colleges.

Gockley, Anna: Student, Mt. Morris, Plant Analysis Notebook MC2011/124 

About 52 plants are recorded in this personal notebook kept by Anna Gockley, thought to be a student at Mt. Morris College, Illinois in 1987.  The book is dated May 9, 1887 and spans spans May 9, 1887  through April 24, 1890.  The preprinted formatted notebook is entitled, “APGAR’S PLANT ANALYSIS: Adapted to Gray’s Botanies," by E. A. and A. C. Apgar. Although preformatted, the individual fills in the blanks.  Ms. Gockley included localities where specimens were found, such as:

Timber near Spring Creek,

Timber near Frenchtown, Iowa,

New Cemetery, Mt. Morris, Illinois,

College Campus, Mt. Morris, Illinois.


See Also: Botany Notebook of Mt. Morris College student, Cottrell, D. Owen, MC2011/114, and that of Mt. Morris College student, E. N. Goshorn, MC2011/125


King, FlorenceMC2004/207 

Craig Largent shares his research materials on Florence King, 1891 graduate of Mount Morris College, and the first female patent attorney in the United States.

Lear, Mattie: Mt. Morris Faculty and COB MinisterMC2009/98  

Portrait of Mattie Nicholas Lear (Mrs. John Lear), Church of the Brethren female minister, and instructor at Mount Morris College from 1879 - 1881. A typewritten history is included.

Manchester College and Mount Morris College: Photographs, Postcards, Assorted Materials, HistoryMC2005/3 

Mt. Morris College Material: Student Body pictures [1907, 1908], approximately 150 postcard and postcard size photos, [1909-1912], other photos [1920's], baccalaureate address [1907], Mt. Morris College Students Guide [1927], and other publications and newspaper clippings. Photographs of the fire's devestation.

Manchester College Material: Postcard, M.C. Mission Band [1917], snapshots of campus and people [1917-1929], Commencement Week Booklet [1925], Manchester College Bulletin, 4 (August, 1911):22, 7, and program, Manchester College A Capella Choir, n.d, Arthur Kennedy, Director, V. F. Schwalm, President. 

Mount Morris Academy Class of 1932, PhotographMC2004/587 photograph of the Mount Morris Academy class of 1932 taken during the fall of 1928.  
Mount Morris College (circa1916): Group Photograph with Railney and DolbyMU2014/134 Among the faculty, staff and students at Mount Morris College (circa 1916), Newton Dolby, husband of Mattie Cunningham Dolby, is pictured as engineer, and Mattie's friend, Nellie Rainey, is photographed while a student. 
Mount Morris College and Academy: Graduation 1914MC2011/142 A segment of the Mount Morris Index, 4 June 1914 featuring baccalaureate and commencement exercises at Mount Morris College along with a photograph of faculty and a description of their individual summer plans. 
Mount Morris College BookletMC2008/47 Mount Morris College Booklet circa 1920 with photos of school and students featuring students in 1918 - 1919. 
Mount Morris College Student Picture: Photograph, 1923MC2011/181 Mount Morris College student picture taken 17 January 1923. 
Mount Morris College Students and Faculty: PhotographMC2011/187 A picture of Mount Morris students and faculty that might have been taken during the 1920's. 
Mount Morris College Students Photographs: Negatives circa 1888, 1889MC2010/76a,b 

Mt. Morris, negatives of photographs from 1988, 1989.

Mt. Morris College Ladies 1888, negative of photograph of the picture.

Mt. Morris College Graduating Class 1889, negative of photograph of the picture.

Mount Morris College Students: Panoramic Photograph, 1929MC2011/184 This is a photograph taken at Mount Morris College in 1929.  The man, Moses Diehl, is identified.  
Mount Morris College: "Life" yearbooksMU2015/26a,b 1919 and 1920 editions of "Life," the Mount Morris College yearbook. 
Mount Morris College: 1894 Reunion of Old Settlers of Ogle CountyMC2004/680-8 Old Settlers of Ogle County 13th Annual Reunion held on the campus of Mount Morris College, 1894.  Invitation and program. 
Mount Morris College: 1924 Group PhotographMU2014/135 Group photograph from Mount Morris College (1924) probably picturing faculty, staff and students. 
Mount Morris College: 1929 Group PhotographMU2014/136 1929 group photograph from Mount Morris College that probably pictures faculty, staff and students. 
Mount Morris College: Academic and Permanent RecordsMC2004/213  

Mount Morris College Academic Department Permanent Records - grade cards from 1889-1890,  including cards of Mary (Emmert) Stover and Adam Eby.


Mount Morris College: Additional MaterialAdditional Resources See also: The College Campus; Gospel Messenger 27 January 1945 p.11; Manchester College Bulletin February 1952 (entire issue); January 1975 p.11; July 1975 p.13; Memorabilia; Memories of Old Standstone,Mountaineer, Our Young People Postcard Collection; Photo Boxes 146, 158-161. 
Mount Morris College: Anniversary BookletMU2013/26 A booklet commemorating the 100th anniversary of the founding of Mt. Morris College, Illinois.  Brief history of Rock River Seminary and Mount Morris College. 
Mount Morris College: Assorted ItemsMU2013/2 

An assortment of materials related to Mount Morris College, Illinois that include; snapshots of the renovated campus, a photocopy of the article, "Mount Morris College Alumni End Tradition of Reunions," and a copy of the book, "Memories of Old Sandstone."

Mount Morris College: Barkdoll, Kathryn: DiplomaMC2004/490 

Mount Morris College diploma granted to Kathryn Barkdoll in 1905 for completion of the Academic Course of study in the Preparatory Department.

Mount Morris College: Biography of Florence King, 1891 Graduate of Mount Morris CollegeMC2004/728 

Mount Morris College Alumni: Florence King, First Woman Patent Attorney.

  • Biography of Florence King, 1891 Graduate of Mount Morris College.

Mount Morris College: Buildings on Campus, PhotographMC2004/585 Photograph of the buildings of Mount Morris College.  Undated, between 1913 and 1931. 
Mount Morris College: Campus Photograph, 1910MC2009/160 Photograph of Mt. Morris College Campus, 1910.  
Mount Morris College: Cleo Beery, PhotographsMC2001/17  

Cleo Beery Photographs of Mt. Morris College, including:

  • "Mt. Morris College, Ill.," "Sam Stover," and "Mitchell Stover."  Back is labeled, "Mt. Morris College.  About 1891 or 1892.  Sam Stover, Mitchell Stover, brothers of Wilbur Stover," "Men's Chorus."
  • 6 x 9 posed photo of males and females, 4 are identified.  Back is labeled, "Mt. Morris College.  About 1910 (or before)." 
Mount Morris College: Faculty Meeting Minutes: 1917 - 1921MC2012/18 

Mount Morris College Faculty Meeting Minutes from 27 September 1917 -  28 May 1921.

Mount Morris College: Faculty Photograph, 1886 - 1887MC2004/575 

Photograph of Mount Morris Faculty, 1886 - 1887.

Mount Morris College: Fire Headline, 1931, Newspaper ReproductionMC2007/110 "Mount Morris Burns" front page newspaper reproduction. 
Mount Morris College: Fire, 1931, Newspaper ArticlesMC2008/51 Newspaper articles about the April 12, 1931 fire. 
Mount Morris College: Fire, 1931, Newspaper ArticlesMC2008/57 Newspaper articles about building plans following the 1931 fire. 
Mount Morris College: Fire, 1931, Newspaper ClippingsMC2004/234 
Fire of 1931 newspaper clippings.  Two examples of headlines follows:
  • "Thousands Go to Mt. Morris to See Blaze."  Rockford Morning Star. 12 April 1931.
  • "Fire Sweeps Mt. Morris College:  Seven Towns Fight $250,000 School Blaze."  Herald Examiner [Chicago].  13 April 1931.


Mount Morris College: Fire, 1931, PhotographsMC2009/146a-e 

Photographs of the 1931 fire at Mt. Morris College.

Mount Morris College: Frantz, David, PostcardMC2008/66 

 Postcard of David Frantz and two others in their room at Mt. Morris College, Illinois, circa 1912. 

Mount Morris College: Grade SheetsMC2004/229 
Grade sheets, 1920-1924.
Mount Morris College: Heisler Collection, Photographs of Alumni, 100th Anniversary, College Song, 1912 Fire, History, Old Folks HomeMC2004/540  

Milly Heisler Collection including a history of Mount Morris College.  Picture of Mount Morris Old Folks Home. Photos of "pigtail day" and "tie day," as well as other interesting images.


Mount Morris College: HistoryMC2003/141  
Mount Morris College Written Histories Collection
Mount Morris College: History Prior to President RoyerMC2008/55 History of Mt. Morris College prior to Royer as President. 
Mount Morris College: Kinsley, Lucile BuckMC2003/370 

Lucile Buck Kinsley's Mount Morris College Memorabilia Collection circa 1932.

Mount Morris College: List of Four Year GraduatesMC2009/05 A list of the four year graduates of Mount Morris College from 1904 through 1925 giving the address and occupation.
Mount Morris College: MemorabiliaMC2004/1 

Mount Morris College Memorabilia: 1906 through 1931.

Mount Morris College: Merger AgreementMC2002/208 

The Merger of Mount Morris College and Manchester College

Mount Morris: Copy of agreement to merge with Manchester College and other legal documents

Mount Morris College: Mohler, R. E., Postcard Collection MC2004/211 

Robert E. Mohler graduated from Mount Morris College in 1912 with a B.A. degree.  He served Mount Morris as Physical Director, Education during the 1912-1913 school year.  Robert Mohler died in 1980. This is his postcard collection.

Mount Morris College: Mohler, RobertMC2004/444 

A postcard collection belonging to Robert Mohler, 1912 graduate of Mount Morris College. Pictures show Old Sandstone during and after the fire of 1912, and an image of the campus circa 1915-1920.

Mount Morris College: Neff, Ida Fields, Postcard CollectionMC2003/352  

This is the postcard collection of Ida Fields Neff who graduated from Manchester College in 1920.  It reflects student life at Manchester College, Indiana and at Mount Morris College, Illinois. Included is an image of West End Mission, North Manchester.

Mount Morris College: Newspaper ClippingsMC2004/236 
Newspaper clippings from 1952 and1976 about Mount Morris College, her athletes, alumni, and history.
Mount Morris College: Newspaper Clippings, Mount Morris IndexMC2004/368 

Mount Morris Index Articles;

1.  "Closing Days at Mount Morris College," dated 4 June 1914.

2.  Rest of the series from Item 1.  Shows buildings of Mount Morris College.

Mount Morris College: Permanent RecordsMC2002/321 

Permanent records of Mt. Morris College, arranged alphabetically.

Mount Morris College: Permanent RecordsMC2003/369: Mount Morris 

Mount Morris College - miscellaneous permanent records. Academy records.

Mount Morris College: Permanent RecordsMC2004/215 Mount Morris College: Permanent records from Mount Morris Academic Department, 1880s 
Mount Morris College: Photograph CollectionMC2004/212 

Identified photographs 1912 and 1913.

Mount Morris College: Photograph, 1909MC2004/196 

Mount Morris College 1909 Photograph. Every individual is identified.

Mount Morris College: PhotographsMU2015/45 A collection of photographs from Mount Morris College, Mt. Morris, Illinois. 
Mount Morris College: PhotographsMU2015/46 Photographs from Mount Morris College, Illinois. 
Mount Morris College: Postcard Collection MC2003/76 

Photographs of Mount Morris College circa 1912.  Some were used as postcards and have messages written on the verso. Images of Old Sandstone's exterior and interior after being damaged by fire. Pictures of Old Sandstone being rebuilt and after the building program. 

Mount Morris College: Register of Students 1902 - 1921MC2011/211 

Register of the Students of Mount Morris College from September 1904 through school year 1920 - 1921.

Mount Morris College: Royer, President J. G., PhotographMC2004/558 

Photograph of Mount Morris President, J. G. Royer

Mount Morris College: Royer, President J. G., PhotographMC2004/561 

Photograph:This photograph might be an image of President J. G. Royer, Mt. Morris College.

Mount Morris College: StoriesMU2014/122 Stories about Mt. Morris College. 
Mount Morris College: Stover, MiriamMC2003/371 

Miriam Stover's Mount Morris College Memorabilia Collection, circa 1913 - 1920.

Mount Morris College: Weaver, SignatureMount Morris Cabinet, IIS Mt. Morris College, "Weaver" signature.  
Mount Morris College:1880 Publicity Flyer and Association with Jane AddamsMC 2008/79: Mt. Morris, Jane Addams 

Richard Edwards and John Harvey Parr, who were teachers of Jane Addams in Cedarville, Illinois - later taught at the Rock River Seminary.  Rock River Seminary closed in 1878 and reopened as Mount Morris College.

One flyer from 1880 advertising Mt. Morris College to interested Brethren.

Mount Morris Memorial Endowment Fund MU2015/44 

Materials related to the Mount Morris Memorial Endowment Fund - held by General Education Board - Church of the Brethren.

Mount Morris Merger with Manchester CollegeMC2002/2a 

The Merger of Mount Morris College and Manchester College

  • A. Blair Helman Papers:
    • Correspondence, audit report (1931-1932), financial information, and meeting minutes. Restricted Access.
Mount Morris: Academy, Photograph, circa 1925MC2011/176 One photograph identified as "Academy, Mt. Morris, Illinois,"  circa 1925.  The picture is not dated but one individual is identified as being Mose Diehl.   
Mount Morris: Catalogues and GradesMU2018/42 

Mount Morris catalogues and bulletins from 1879 (the first), forward through 1932 (incomplete). Teacher grade books (confidential)1910-1911-1912 forward - incomplete). Time Schedules and Pay Records for Desk Librarians - Daily Desk Service Record.

Mount Morris: Historic Memorabilia and RecordsMC2012/51 A varied and extensive collection that includes interesting materials from Mount Morris College. 
Mount Morris: Rolston CollectionMU2015/32 W. Wendell Rolston's collection of memorabilia from Mount Morris College. 
Neher, O. W. Collection: Mount Morris CollegeMC2011/210 

 O. W. Neher served as Acting President at Mount Morris College following the presidency of Professor W. W. Peters and prior to that of C. Ernest Davies. His dates at Mount Morris spanned from 1924-1932.   When a fire forced Mount Morris to close its doors and merge with Manchester College, Neher came to Manchester and taught Biology from 1932-1954.

For additional material regarding O. W. Neher, see: Manchester College Bulletin ,January 1977 p.10.  Faculty File in Vault containing confidential information.  The public segment of this file contains Neher's obituary, memorial service and remarks by President Helman, as well as Neher's sermon "Nature and God."

Neher, Oscar: ArtworkMC2012/45 Hand-drawn artwork by Oscar W. Neher for Mount Morris College annual publication circa 1929. 
Peters, W. W.: PresidentFaculty/Staff Boxes 46-48: Peters, W. W. Material related to Mount Morris College President, W. W. Peters.  
Plant Analysis Notebook: Goshorn, Mt. Morris College, 1889MC2011/125 

About 61 plants are recorded in this personal notebook kept by Ezra N. Goshorn, thought to be a student at Mt. Morris College, Illinois.  The book spans 17 April 1889 through 29 July 1897.  The preprinted formatted notebook is entitled, “APGAR’S PLANT ANALYSIS: Adapted to Gray’s Botanies," by E. A. and A. C. Apgar.

Plant Analysis Notebook: Ikenberry, Mt. Morris College, 1888MC2011/113 

About 150 plants are recorded in this personal notebook kept by W. Lewis Ikenberry, thought to be a student at Mt. Morris College, Illinois.  The book spans 21 April 1888 through 30 May 1893.  The preprinted formatted notebook is entitled, “APGAR’S PLANT ANALYSIS: Adapted to Gray’s Botanies," by E. A. and A. C. Apgar. Although preformatted, the individual fills in the blanks.  W. Lewis Ikenberry, from Waterlook Iowa, filled this book out in detail, including localities where specimens were found, such as:

College campus, Mt. Morris, Ilinois, May 9, 1988.

Pine Creek 3 mi. W. Mt. Morris, May 16, 1888.

Rock River below Oregon,Illinois,June 2, 1888

Cedar River, opp J. Murphy, Waterloo, Iowa, July 4, 1892

Cascade Glenn, Ann Arbor, Michigan,May 30,  1893.

 About 150  plants are described and recorded. 

Royer, J. G. and Reiff, Elizabeth: Family AlbumMU2018/70 

Printed family album of John Grove Royer and Elizabeth (Reiff) Royer.  J. G. served as president of Mount Morris College.

Royer, John GroveMC2008/56 

John G. Royer taught at Mt. Morris College and also served as  President of the College.  These are newspaper articles related to his death.

Sherrick, DorothyAlumni Box 187: Sherrick, Dorothy 

Material relating to Mt. Morris alumna, Dorothy Sherrick, MM Class of 1917.

Sherrick, Dorothy: Mount Morris College Alumna, Diplomas, 1913 and 1915MC2011/140a,b,c 

Three diplomas for Dorothy Sherrick, alumna of Mount Morris College.

Sherrick, Dorothy: Mount Morris College DiplomaMC2004/193  Mount Morris College Bachelor of Arts diploma given to Dorothy Sherrick 25 May 1917.  
Sherrick, Dorothy: Mount Morris College Diploma, Music, 1916MC2004/191 

Dorothy Sherrick, Mount Morris College diploma from 1916 in the area of Music.

Sherrick, Marvin: Honorary Degree, Mount MorrisMC2004/192 

Sherrick, Marvin M. ;

  • "The Trustees of Mount Morris College, Mount Morris, Illinois, on the recommendation of the Faculty, have conferred upon Marvin M. Sherrick the degree of Doctor of Literature and that he is entitled to all the Honors, Rights, and Privileges to that degree appertaining.  Given this 25th day of May in the year of our Lord...[1917] the Town of Mount Morris, in the State of Illinois.
Stein, John W. : Mount Morris College, PresidentMC2003/119  
Mount Morris President J. W. Stein papers:
  • In 1881, J.W. Stein, then president of Mt. Morris College,  disappeared mysteriously, leaving behind his wife and children. 
Stover, Wilbur and Mary EmmertStover, Wilbur and Mary: Additional Information 

Additional resources for material related to Wilbur and Mary Stover.

The Closing of Mount Morris College and Merger with Manchester CollegeMC2004/235 

The Merger of Mount Morris College and Manchester College

  • The Closing of Mount Morris College.

A description of the almost-closing of Mt. Morris in April 1928.  Unknown author.

"M.M.C. Comes to End of Trail."  News-Journal [North Manchester, IN].  September 1932.

"Mt. Morris Merges with Manchester."  News-Journal [North Manchester, IN].  9 May 1932.

"Merger with Hoosier Unit is Revealed."  Rockford Morning Star.  6 May 1932.

"Last Class Graduated from Historic College."  Rockford Morning Star.  1932.

Weimer, Merle and Virgil: Memorabilia CollectionMU2012/62 

Memorabilia from Mount Morris College and Manchester College. Autograph album of 1910 and 1911. Photograph album with early photograph postcards (circa 1910) of students at Mount Morris College. Some of these cards were sent to Mamie Wine of Cerro Gordo, Illinois. Manchester College Aurora yearbooks with autographs. Picture of Elder D.  L. Miller.


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