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Manchester University strives to achieve a brand that is recognizable and authentic, and that evokes a positive emotional response from those who encounter it. As a means to accomplish this end, we've created a brand platform and brand standards by which to guide our communications with consistency in design and messaging.

Being effective brand ambassadors is the responsibility of all Manchester staff, faculty and students. This brand toolkit contains the resources to competently create communications to market University events and services in a manner that aligns with our brand standards.

The toolkit is designed to provide resources for those who want to add their own creative touch to their marketing materials. Remember, however, when it's appropriate to seek guidance or approval from the University's Office of Marketing. Please see these guidelines regarding creation of marketing materials.

View the Brand Standards for Manchester University for best practices when using the MU logo and more

Brand Standards

Athletic Identity Standards
Athletic Identity Standards

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Photography and Video

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Brand Messaging

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Social Media

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Policies and Guidelines