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Manchester’s brand identity is central to all marketing communications. Staying true to our brand means delivering messages that are authentic to who we are and with a consistency that builds familiarity and stronger recognition for the University.

Manchester’s brand identity is focused through a set of “brand lenses,” or attributes that best define the University. The five brand lenses that define Manchester are:

  • Community
  • Growth
  • Intimacy
  • Safe and Sound
  • Excellence

In this system, each brand lens branches out to expanded messaging points, or “dimensions,” that help to focus our messaging more succinctly. Through this set of lenses and dimensions, we can make an emotional connection when we tell Manchester’s story in a way that’s authentic and consistent.

Brand Lens Flashcards

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Use our brand lens flashcards to connect Manchester facts to brand attributes. Each card represents a brand lens and its dimensions. Under each dimension, a proof point is listed as an active example of this attributes as it happens at Manchester. To add brand relevance to your messaging, consider the facts that are told in Manchester stories as proof points. Decide which lens and dimension best connects to your proof point and add this relevance to your story.

Example 1 proof point:

Manchester students, faculty and staff contribute more than 25,000 hours of service annually to our local community and beyond.

While this is an impressive fact, it’s left up to the reader to decide why it’s relevant and what it means about Manchester. Consider how you might qualify this message looking through the Community lens and Participation dimension.

Example 1 with brand relevance:

Manchester students develop a desire to contribute, and they find their voice and build confidence through participating in service to their communities. In fact, students, faculty and staff contribute more than 25,000 hours of service annually to our local community and beyond.

In this example, the reader gains a better understanding of what it’s like to be a Manchester student, and why performing service work to their communities is important.

Example 2 proof point:

Manchester students have the opportunity to study abroad during January session.

Example 2 with brand relevance (Excellence lens and Rich Experiences dimension):

January session is an opportunity for Manchester students to study abroad, providing a hands-on, immersive experience – an example of how Manchester equips students to lead through academic excellence.

In this example, relevance is given to the experience as it relates to benefits for the student, as well as how Manchester provides excellence in education.

When messaging is delivered with this type of relevance and consistency, our audiences develop a better understanding about the true Manchester experience and can more easily create an emotional bond with the University.

Brand Lens Flashcards
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Brand lens message maps - Community
Brand lens message maps - Growth
Brand lens message maps - Intimacy
Brand lens message maps - Safe and Sound
Brand lens message maps - Excellence