Brand Toolkit - Templates and Design Elements


Manchester brand templates are available for faculty, staff and students to create marketing communications that adhere to our brand standards. The templates provided are intended to provide a starting layout with proper margins, built-in Manchester design elements and designations for fonts. They are designed to be flexible for the inclusion of photos and positioning of elements.

Feel free to have marketing staff review your design after completing a draft. Email to

Manchester Branded Templates

Template Formats

For most designs, brand templates are available in both Word (.doc) and Publisher (.pub) formats. Users may choose the format with which they feel most comfortable.


Many of the brand templates also offer a choice of bleeds or no bleeds. A bleed is when the print extends completely to the edge of the paper with no margin. Using bleeds requires printing on oversized paper with the print extending 1/8" past the page border. This is trimmed off to ensure that the print bleeds. If designing with a template that includes a bleed, make sure to notify the Print Shop of the need for oversized paper and trimming.

Design elements

Individual design elements are available for those who want to create a branded design "from scratch." If doing so, please familiarize yourself with proper usage of brand elements on pages pages 18-27 of Manchester's Brand Standards manual

Manny Illustrations