University Priorities

Manchester takes a strategic approach to all decisions. The University thrives because our strategic priorities are focused through the lenses of our mission and values, and because the welfare and success of our students are always at the forefront of our actions.

Manchester adopted a new strategic plan in fall 2014. Our strategic priorities include:

Strategic Priorities

  1. Inspire effective learning that enables students to succeed beyond their own expectations.
    1. Develop a culture that values and invests in effective teaching and learning
    2. Emphasize a Manchester whole person education
    3. Emphasize and support interdisciplinary study
    4. Infuse the Manchester experience with experiential learning opportunities
    5. Develop a strategy to increase graduation and retention rates
  2. Be mission centered and market smart to maximize our impact in the world.
    1. Grow enrollments in undergraduate programs
    2. Grow enrollments in graduate programs
    3. Develop new undergraduate & graduate programs based on core competencies & emerging market needs
    4. Develop a Center for Professional and Continuing Education
    5. Consider program viability and resource alignment, including new ventures
  3. Generate sufficient recognition to widen support for Manchester's mission.
    1. Grow recognition in key geographic and target areas to support enrollment
    2. Grow recognition/shape perception for excellence and affordability
    3. Engage key stakeholders to raise visibility and affinity
  4. Draw abundant financial resources to support Manchester's mission and vision.
    1. Implement capital fundraising initiatives
    2. Develop the next comprehensive campaign
    3. Grow enrollment, increase net revenue per student and expand institutional reach
    4. Engage key stakeholders to increase affinity and investments in Manchester
  5. Deploy resources to best meet student needs and maximize institutional effectiveness.
    1. Achieve a culture of evidence-based decision-making and alignment of evaluation, planning and budget processes
    2. Develop financial models to increase revenue & invest revenue to maximize return
    3. Identify opportunities to connect, share and maximize use of institutional resources
    4. Communicate and consult with transparency
    5. Strengthen Grants & Sponsored Programs to support research, enhance infrastructure and ensure compliance
    6. Identify & implement an institutional structure that supports strategic initiatives and maximizes institutional resources



Strategic Plan in Action

The Project: Pathways Summer Service
Pathways Summer Service provides Manchester University students with opportunities to volunteer at unique community service sites around the country while engaging in vocational exploration.  Manchester received a NetVUE grant in 2016 which allows us to increase the number of Pathways awards and provide funds for class service projects in the local community.
Achieving the Strategic Plan
Expanding Pathways provides more experiential learning opportunities for students (SP1) and enables students to exceed their own expectations through immersion and success in community service.  Volunteer programs are central to Manchester's mission (SP2).  Through Pathways, Manchester students serve our community and enhance recognition of the institution (SP3).  Doubling the number of Pathways participants in 2016-17 also creates a cadre of student spokespersons to aid in marketing and fundraising efforts (SP 4).