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Music - Marching Band


Manchester is starting a marching band! The “new band” is slated to hit the field beginning Fall 2020, lifting Spartan Spirit to a whole new level! Keeping in step with Indiana’s reputation for marching band excellence, Manchester students will hone their musicianship skills and perform for music and sports fans alike for football games and parades.

Current and future Spartan instrumentalists have the chance to be founding members of this soon-to-be-great new organization. Music scholarships are available upon audition! You can audition at one of our Music@Manchester Weekends, schedule an audition at any time, or even submit a YouTube audition!

We’d love to recruit you to participate in this exciting new opportunity. Future students, click here to complete an inquiry form. Current students, please contact Dr. Scott Humphries or another member of the music faculty to express your interest.