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Completer Effectiveness

Each year, the Indiana Department of Education sends out surveys to administrators of EPP completers who have one year, two years, and three years of experience teaching in order to help determine Measure 1: Completer Impact and Effectiveness. Below are the results from these surveys. Please note that any category with less than 10 responses are not reflected for privacy reasons. 

2017 Teacher Effectiveness
2018 Teacher Effectiveness
2019 Teacher Effectiveness
2020 Teacher Effectiveness
2021 Teacher Effectiveness
2022 Teacher Effectiveness

The EPP uses the data from completer and employer surveys, edTPA outcomes, Praxis II scores and pass rates, Danielson Rubric feedback, as well as results from several key assessments each year to form a holistic view of areas needing improvement, areas of growth, and areas of continued success. In addition, the EPP presents this data to the Teacher Education Committee and the Teacher Advisory Council for stakeholder input on ways to fulfill deficits and input on proposed improvements.