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Education - Alumni Teacher of the Year

The Warren K. and Helen J. Garner Alumni Teacher of the Year award honors a Manchester University teacher education alumnus/alumnae who is currently active in classroom teaching in preschool through grade 12, who:

  • has made significant contributions to education
  • provides exceptional service to the profession
  • is deeply concerned for the individual students
  • is able to inspire learning
Nominate a Manchester University alumnus/alumna for Teacher of the Year

2016 Alumni Teacher of the Year


In 2007, Jody Sarber earned his teaching certificate in mathematics from Manchester University.  As a Spartan, he excelled academically and athletically as a member of the cross country and track teams.  Since graduating, Jody has taught in the Manchester Community Schools where he has become an integral part of the school culture, growing the cross country and track teams as well as engaging learners in a variety of math courses.


His nominator indicated his many contributions to the mathematics department and school community.  For so many reasons, Jody Sarber represents graduates of ability and conviction.  He embodies intentional teaching, focusing on the needs of his learners and considering the whole learner.  

Warren K. and Helen J. Garner Alumni Teacher of the Year honorees:

2015 Jody Sarber '07 secondary math

Ryan S. Evans '07

2013 Paige Keim ’95 elementary
2012 Kacina Peters ’06 Pfeiffer elementary
2011 Connie Hicks ’74 Pipher elementary
2010 Portia Price ’86 Coe elementary
2005 Phil Sheets '71 '75
Pam Nussbaum Sheets '72 '75
third grade
2003 David McKenzie ’83 English and speech
2001 Beth Jones ’85 elementary
2000 Michael Hummer ’72 elementary
1999 Daniel Tyree ’76 English and speech
1997 Kermit Eby III '80 social studies
1995 Dean Beery ’65 fourth grade
1994 Robert Harkness ’68 third grade
1993 Kay Browning ’68 Sponseller English
1992 Larry Baker ’62 language arts and drama
1991 Nelda Brandeberry ’55 Snider home economics
1990 Joann Fisher ’54 Owen third grade
1989 Glen Dillman ’69 social studies
1988 Ruth Brown ’40 Brubaker