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Henney Department of Education
Employment Rates

The following data regarding employment of graduates of the Henney Department of Education is collected by the Manchester University Office of Institutional Effectiveness based on surveys sent to recent graduates of the institution.  Employment, and other data collected, is self-reported. 

According to trends associated with employment, 100% of graduates from the Program have reported employment, or continuing their education at graduate school, for the past three years.  In the three years prior to this 100% employment or continuing education trend, employment rates did not represent this success.  Graduates in 2013 reported a 90.5% employment rate, 97.1% of 2014 respondents were employed, and only 75% of respondents reported employment in 2015.  The EPP is unsure of why the 2015 employment rate fell out of the 90-100% range as the other 5 years reflect. 

The recent 100% trend reflects the market demand for graduates from the Henney Department of Education. 

2013-2022 Employment Trends