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Education - Teacher Education Program Goals

The goals and objectives of the Teacher Education Program are arranged in four broad categories, and ensure that teacher candidates have met state and national standards for licensure.

They are: Curriculum, Assessment, Relationships, and Environment.


Constructs and delivers appropriate curriculum for students.
  • Relates content knowledge to other subject areas.
  • Teaches subject matter accurately.
  • Teaches content from multiple viewpoints.
  • Teaches students to use critical thinking and problem solving strategies.
  • Models appropriate oral communication skills.
  • Models appropriate written communication skills.
  • Teaches from a personal, philosophical base.
  • Uses interdisciplinary instruction as appropriate.
  • Uses effective questioning strategies.


Assesses students learning and development with a variety of measures.
  • Develops appropriate tools to assess learning.
  • Assesses learning through appropriate standardized and teacher-constructed tests.
  • Assesses learning through appropriate alternative measures.
  • Keeps records to determine and report student progress.


Establishes professional and reciprocal relationships with others invested in students' learning.
  • Collaborates with students, colleagues, parents, and community agencies, exhibiting
    sensitivity for cultural diversity.
  • Acts with full awareness of ethical and legal responsibilities of teachers.
  • Values life-long learning and personal/professional development.
  • Engages in research and reflection on teaching practice.
  • Exhibits a service orientation to students and teaching, valuing all aspects of students'
    well being.


Creates positive and caring environments for student development and learning.
  • Plans informative lessons and units, alone and in teams.
  • Plans learning opportunities that respond to individual differences.
  • Uses a variety of teaching methods and materials.
  • Uses a variety of appropriate media and technology.
  • Motivates students to want to learn individually, collaboratively, and cooperatively.
  • Manages student behavior in positive, safe ways.