Education & Social Sciences

Transition to Teaching

Program Opportunities

  • Preparation for state-required licensure to teach at secondary or all-grade levels.

Make the Transition -- 100% Online!

Do you already hold a bachelor’s degree and now you want to teach?  For adults who seek a career change, the Henney Department of Education welcomes you to consider its online Transition to Teaching program.

The online Transition to Teaching licensure program is designed for professionals who already have knowledge and expertise in a content area but need the pedagogy and training in how to teach. Manchester University’s 18-credit program enables you to continue working while pursuing a teaching license, but more importantly, it prepares participants in the Henney Department of Education’s mission:  to create engaging, inclusive, and culturally responsive classrooms that support the development of the whole student.

Program Highlights

  • The Henney Department of Education Transition to Teaching licensure program is fully online, and participants work asynchronously. All courses are taught by full faculty or adjuncts of the Henney Department of Education and hold advanced degrees in education.

  • Teaching areas offered include licensure areas approved in Indiana for all secondary (such as English, history, chemistry, etc.) and all-grade (such as music, physical education, etc.). The Admissions Requirements link below offers a comprehensive overview of how applicants can determine appropriate content areas or inquiries can be directed to Dr. Heather Schilling.   At this time, the Henney Department of Education does not offer a Transition to Teaching Program in elementary education or special education.

The Transition to Teaching Program offers two enrollment options for added flexibility.

  • Summer I - EDUC 411 and EDUC 413
  • Summer II - EDUC 421 and EDUC 423
  • Fall I - EDUC 431 and 433

*This program is appropriate for those who have been hired to teach with an Indiana three-year Transition to Teaching permit.

  • Fall I - EDUC 411 and EDUC 413
  • Spring I - EDUC 421 and EDUC 423
  • Fall II - EDUC 431 and EDUC 433


The program is divided into three sessions regardless of when the participant begins:

Session One
EDUC 411      The Diverse Adolescent Learner (3 hours)
EDUC 413     Theories of Motivation and Engagement (3 hours)

Session Two
EDUC 421     Literacy of the Disciplines (3 hours)
EDUC 423     Developing an Equitable Classroom (3 hours)

* Session Three
EDUC 431     Culturally Responsive Secondary Methods (3 hours)
EDUC 433     Transition to Teaching Practicum (3 hours)

*Praxis II content exam must be passed prior to student teaching.

**Several options exist for student teaching:

  1. The Henney Department of Education locates a placement or supports the teaching candidate in locating a placement; arrangements must be made for full-time student teaching.
  2. The Henney Department of Education supports the teaching candidate’s application for a Transition to Teaching permit and hiring of the candidate by a school corporation
Inquire for more information.

Tuition and Fees 

Annual Transition to Teaching Budget 2022 - 23 Costs 
Tuition - per credit hour$400
Technology fee - per credit hour$35
Student teaching Fee$600 


Students, if eligible, will have access to federal direct loan funds based on their federal dependency status

  • Dependent Student – up to $5,500*/academic year
  • Independent Student – up to $12,500*/academic year   
     *Amount will be based on cost of attendance in addition to meeting FAFSA defined criteria

To meet federal definition of teacher certificate/transition to teaching a student must

  • be enrolled in courses required for certification within the state in which the student plans to teach.
  • Enrollment in courses outside of the program are considered optional and do NOT qualify for financial aid. 
    • Determine process in which to identify students enrolled in option courses.