Education - Elementary (K-6)

Program Opportunities

  • Early Childhood and Elementary Education: Mild Intervention
  • Early Childhood and Elementary Education: English Learners


You’ll join one of the state’s oldest and most respected teacher education programs. And you won’t learn just from books. From the start of your time at Manchester, you’ll be immersed in classroom experiences in area schools — rural, urban and suburban. A range of service learning opportunities will give you practical teaching experience, too, while you gain that deep-down satisfaction of knowing you are helping others. Graduates earn their licenses to work with children kindergarten through sixth grade.

Program Highlights

  • Our accreditation is recognized in the state of Indiana, as well as nationally with the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation.
  • On average, 96 percent of our graduates have their own classroom teaching jobs within six months of graduation.

Successful Graduates

  • Jordan Kinn ’13 teaches fourth grade at Bourbon (Ind.) Elementary School. Her high-ability students and fourth-graders love working with her and she's thrilled to be the first face they see every morning.
  • Adam Marlatt ’13 teaches sixth-grade readers at Lafontaine (Ind.) Elementary School. A passionate advocate for struggling students, Adam has served as the Indiana Student Education Association president and continues to work across the state for teacher and student rights.
  • James Butler ’02 was named the 2014 Elementary School Teacher of the Year at Gullet Elementary School in Austin, Texas, where he teaches prekindergarten. James grew up in inner-city Cleveland, where he said his childhood was “an extremely negative atmosphere.” He chose to come to Manchester, where he found close relationships and encouragement from a supportive community, building his confidence to succeed.