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Employer Satisfaction of Completers

Each year, the Indiana Department of Education sends surveys to administrators, as well as EPP completers, to determine the completers' impact on P-12 student learning. Due to the low numbers of returns, the EPP began sending out their own surveys in hopes of obtaining additional feedback to determine how well they meet Measure 2: Candidate Competency at Completion. The following links provide the employer survey results for Indiana Department of Education and EPP.

EPP Survey Results:
Employer Survey Data 2016
Employer Survey Data 2017
Employer Survey Data 2018
Employer Survey Data 2019 
Employer Survey Data 2020
Employer Survey Data 2021
Employer Survey Data 2022

Indiana Department of Education Survey Results:
DOE Employer Satisfaction Data 2018
DOE Employer Satisfaction Data 2019
DOE Employer Satisfaction Data 2020
DOE Employer Satisfaction Data 2021
DOE Employer Satisfaction Data 2022

The EPP uses the data from completer and employer surveys, edTPA outcomes, Praxis II scores and pass rates, Danielson Rubric feedback, as well as results from several key assessments each year to form a holistic view of areas needing improvement, areas of growth, and areas of continued success. In addition, the EPP presents this data to the Teacher Education Committee and the Teacher Advisory Council for stakeholder input on ways to fulfill deficits and input on proposed improvements.