Education & Social Sciences

Criminology Club

Club Overview

In support of the MU Mission Statement, membership is open to all interested members of the Manchester University community. Criminology Club members will respect the infinite worth of all individuals, including other students and club members, professionals in the field, and criminals, who are often stigmatized as “bad people” by society. Furthermore, the MU Criminology Club supports and encourages diversity at MU and the Criminology Club. Manchester University, and the MU Criminology Club, is committed to non-discrimination in campus life. Neither the University nor the Criminology Club discriminates on the basis of national or ethnic origin, race, color, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, religion, disability or veteran status.

MU Criminology Club has three purposes:

  • Our goal is to provide members with opportunities to learn about the criminal justice field.
  • Members will make connections and network with individuals and organizations in the criminal justice field.
  • Our third goal is to engage in activism around issues that we care about, such as racial profiling, rape and sexual assaults, and domestic violence.

Club Meeting Schedule

Criminology Club is free to join and members meet regularly. Be sure to check out our scheduled meeting times listed below: 

Meeting LocationDateTime
ACEN 146March 2811 a.m.
ACEN 146April 11*11 a.m.
ACEN 146 May 211 a.m.

*April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month.