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Engineering Science


  • Kaitlyn Taylor '15 will be starting her second year at Vanderbilt University in mechanical engineering.
  • Nico Quintanar '15, a physics major, will be attending Texas A&M for a Ph.D. in nuclear engineering.
  • Thomas Kesling '12 finished his engineering degree at Columbia University and now works at Schnackel Engineers in New York City.
  • Ming-Du Kang '06 completed a bachelor’s in engineering at Columbia University and was accepted to the master of engineering program at Stanford University.
  • Daniel Rodriguez '07 continued on in the engineering program at Columbia University.
  • Hani Ghazi '07 continued his engineering pursuits in biomedical engineering at City College of New York.
  • Deepali Raunyar '06 continued his studies in electrical engineering at Indian-Purdue University at Fort Wayne.
  • Megan Neidlinger '05 completed her degree in environmental engineering at Purdue University.
  • Kyle Helfrich '05 continued his engineering program at Purdue University.
  • Amy Samuelson '02 received full scholarship to attend Washington University at St. Louis.