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Physics - Student Success


Frederick Balagadde '01 (above) put bioscience on a microchip, enabling scientists to efficiently and affordably fight disease in Third World countries – 100 patients at a time, without an on-site laboratory. The Stanford University researcher and consulting assistant professor’s TED talk won international acclaim as one of 25 “riveting talks by remarkable people.”

  • Emily Ehlerding '14  completed a double major in Physics and Chemistry and has been accepted with full funding into the medical physics programs (Ph.D) at both the University of Chicago and the University of Wisconsin. 
  • Craig Morphew '13 is serving full-time in Cork, Ireland, with Brethren Volunteer Service.
  • Aaron Flenar '12 is fully engaged in helping Wisconsin-based Epic Systems develop software solutions for medical groups and  hospitals around the world.
Emily Ehlerding