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Bolanle Oladokun

  • 10 Times SpongeBob Had the Best Advice

    by Bolanle Oladokun | Apr 07, 2017
    <ol> <li><strong>SpongeBob and Patrick: &ldquo;At least I&rsquo;m safe inside my mind.&rdquo; </strong>Introverts rejoice! Everyone&rsquo;s accidentally said something they didn&rsquo;t mean or didn&rsquo;t intend to hurt another&rsquo;s feelings. However, no one knows your thoughts unless you say them verbally. Be careful with your words.</li> <li><strong>SpongeBob: &ldquo;I don&rsquo;t need it!&rsquo; </strong>Currently going through this one with some of my friends. How&rsquo;s your shopping habits? Do you need it? Cutting your spending habits could help you save for important things you may need in the future. </li> <li><strong>Patrick: &ldquo;It&rsquo;s not me that&rsquo;s got me, it&rsquo;s me that&rsquo;s got me.&rdquo; </strong>Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy by being in denial. In college, we have so many resources at our disposal. Don&rsquo;t be afraid to go to a friend, the counselor, or a tutor for help. Everyone needs help sometimes!</li> <li><strong>&rdquo; </strong>If you tell another person a secret, it&rsquo;s not a secret anymore. Gossiping hurts everyone. Keep it to a minimum. </li> <li><strong>Patrick: "Walk in and ask for it." </strong>Life&rsquo;s hardest problems are often solved very easily. If you&rsquo;re tired with the way your life is, take initiative and make changes. </li> <li><strong>SpongeBob: &ldquo;Are you finished with those errands?&rdquo; </strong>College is a competition between your friends and who has the most work to do. Instead of always having a comeback, try being empathetic and listening to your friend.</li> <li><strong>Patrick: &ldquo;My name&rsquo;s not Rick</strong>!&rdquo; Learning people&rsquo;s names is also hard for me. One time, I had a girl in one of my classes and I asked her name four times. Seriously, I had her number and everything. &nbsp;I&rsquo;m sorry, Hannah! Still struggling with this one. </li> <li><strong>SpongeBob: &ldquo;Remember, licking door knobs is illegal on other planets.&rdquo; </strong>Self-explanatory</li> <li><strong>SpongeBob: &ldquo;The best time to wear a striped sweater is all the time.&rdquo; </strong>If you&rsquo;ve never experienced Indiana weather, I&rsquo;d just carry it around until May if I were you.</li> <li><strong>SpongeBob: &ldquo;I may be down, but I&rsquo;m not out!&rdquo; </strong>We are on Spring Break. Hopefully, everyone take&rsquo;s time to rejuvenate and relax. Two months to go guys!&nbsp;</li> </ol> <img src="/images/default-source/default-album/giphy.gif?sfvrsn=5ca2b862_0" data-displaymode="Original" alt="SpongeBob - Giphy" title="SpongeBob - Giphy" /><br /> <br /> <img src="/images/default-source/social-media-and-official-blogs/bolanleoladokun.jpg?sfvrsn=5f75b362_0" data-displaymode="Original" alt="BolanleOladokun" title="BolanleOladokun" /><br /> <p><em>Bolanle Oladokun &rsquo;17 is a Communication Studies Major. Since she was a kid, she&rsquo;s always loved to talk and frequently got into trouble at school for talking so much. She loves making people laugh, recording videos, and hanging out with friends. She&rsquo;s happy to be able to use her gift to put a smile on people&rsquo;s faces.</em></p>