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Delaney Ray

Circle City Classic

by Delaney Ray | Sep 27, 2016
As a member of Black Student Union (BSU), I was able to attend Circle City Classic XXXIII last Saturday in Indianapolis. There were thirteen of us total, and to my delight, five of them were my SOL babies. We left the Intercultural Center around 10am and those of us who were still tired (being that we normally sleep well into the afternoon on weekends) were quickly woken up by the music and extremely off-key singers in our wonderful white van. We rocked out, sang, and snapchatted our friends all the way to Indy. After parking, we went out in different directions to find lunch and met back up around 2:30pm to head to Lucas Oil Stadium for the game. Kentucky State University and Central State University were the teams playing and not many of us had a large preference for who should win, so we just sat and watched in indifference. As it turns out, it is actually quite hard to watch a football game without caring about the outcome, as seen by looking down the line of our MU crew all fighting off the urge to take a nap. Halftime was definitely the coolest part as the marching band from each school preformed against each other in the Battle of the Bands. They danced around, making words and symbols in various formations, and riled up the crowd. After halftime, the Eboard members gave us the option to stay and watch or leave and wander around Indy, and the majority of us chose the latter. Many of us headed to the mall to shop and eat (buying a large and fabulous pretzel was my goal of the trip), and much to the dismay of our bank accounts, we even purchased a few things. After meeting back up, we headed to Walmart to purchase decorations and snacks for the upcoming Stoplight Dance and then headed home, laughing and singing the whole way back.


Delaney Ray '19 is a Psychology and Sociology double major with a minor in Criminal Justice. She works as a Student Orientation Leader and a Library Desk Assistant in addition to blogging for MU. She never thought she would be a blogger, and her dream job is to work for the FBI in the behavioral unit.