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Delaney Ray

Fun Facts About the Library

by Delaney Ray | Oct 26, 2016

As a student library worker, I have noticed that many students come to the library to hang out, get on computers, and work on homework…but, there are also many students who do not. So, to create some more interest in our awesome campus library, here are a few fun facts:

  1. We have amazing student workers sitting at the front desk during all library hours to help with your every need. We may not be able to fulfill your wildest dreams, but we sure can help you find a book about them! We are great to talk to and may even tell you a funny joke like: “What did one book say to the other one?  … I just wanted to see if we are on the same page!” Hah, get it?
  2. Our librarians are wonderful and are always here to answer tough life questions (about anything pertaining to the library or books, of course). Each librarian specializes in certain disciplines (ex: physical sciences, business, etc) so they are great resources when writing a paper.
  3. If you need a comfortable place to study (or a nice place to nap) look no further than right up the library stairs to find a large sitting area with plush chairs and huge beanbags. In the back corner, there is a little nook called the “MU Nostalgia Corner” where you can hang out in a 1970s groovy atmosphere with records surrounding you. You can even get headphones at the front desk to listen to your favorite album on our new record player!
  4. Bored? Come and see our huge selection! As a student you can check out books, movies, magazines, dry erase boards, laptops, and much more! Need to look through a class textbook? We have many set aside as course reserves for you to use!
  5. This year is the library’s 50th anniversary so there has never been a better time to head over and check us out!

So if you need a place to study or just want to see what the library is all about, come on over to see how we put the “Fun” in “Fun”derburg Library! (See what I did there? I told you that us library workers were hilarious.)

Delaney Ray '19 is a Psychology and Sociology double major with a minor in Criminal Justice. She works as a Student Orientation Leader and a Library Desk Assistant in addition to blogging for MU. She never thought she would be a blogger, and her dream job is to work for the FBI in the behavioral unit.