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Delaney Ray

Some Good Craic

by Delaney Ray | Sep 20, 2017


Hello Friends and greetings from “across the pond!”

I have officially been in Ireland for 8 days and I am having the time of my life! This is my first time outside the US and it was basically my first time on an airplane so it has all be quite an adjustment!

To explain this blog title: no, I am not using drugs. Here in Ireland, craic (pronounced as crack) just means good fun! There are many words here that are slightly different than words we use back at home, or they even mean different things than they would back in the states. I am still in the adjustment phase and I have certainly been laughed at by many Irish lads thus far (but all in good fun, of course)!

I would highly recommended studying abroad to anyone and everyone! I have already learned SO MUCH about life, the world, myself, and different cultures, and I have only been here a week! Speaking of differences, I’ll go ahead and tell you the top 10 major things I have noticed thus far:

  1. Classes – In the states, it is normal to have homework after almost every class and to have multiple exams throughout the semester. Well, here in Ireland, most of my courses (called modules) only have one grade for the entire semester and it is the huge final exam at the end….talk about pressure! We have no daily homework and are just expected to keep up on reading through the week. OH, and we do not have to purchase any textbooks! Yeah, you read that right, NO TEXTBOOKS! We just go to the library and check a book out to read if we need it, or the professor (called lecturer) puts the readings online.
  1. Roads/Driving – Everyone drives on the opposite side of the road! And while I already knew this before coming over, it is much harder to adjust to than I assumed. Every time I am on a bus (on the left side of the road) I am utterly convinced we will be in a car accident. Knowing my luck, I will probably get so used to this that I will have a hard time driving when I get back home…*face palm*
  2. Drinking – Alcohol is a very large part of Irish culture, much more so than in America. It is not uncommon to go out to a pub or a club every evening or at least a few times a week.
  3. Friends From Other Countries – This is not Irish specific, but it is specific to my own personal situation. In my apartment, I have many other international students so I have made some great friends from Germany, Finland, and Barcelona! It is fascinating for all of us to learn each other’s cultures whilst trying to assimilate into Irish life.
  4. Laid Back – Irish life is much more go-with-the-flow than it is in the states and it is quite

    enjoyable! If any of you know me, you know that I am NOT a naturally laid back person, I’m basically a little ball of stress and energy, but I am definitely trying my best to go with the flow! Wish me luck!

  5. No Tax and No Tipping – Tax is already figured into the prices here so if a price says €6, you just pay exactly €6. And anywhere you go, especially pubs and waiters, there is no tipping! In fact, it is almost a little rude to tip, as if you are assuming they are poor and do not make enough money. Oh, and you know how coins are mainly just seen as annoying in the US? Well not here! Coins are so awesome and helpful, especially because they have a coin for €1 and €2 so the coins actually amount to something.
  6. Travel/Country Size – Ireland itself, as a whole country, has less people than the state of Indiana. There are many villages around the country that have as few as 10-15 people and a couple pubs. (There is basically a pub for every two people!) Also, traveling by bus or train, you can travel across the length or width of the entire country in less than 5 hours! It’s totally rad! Travel is super cheap and easy, you just purchase a ‘leap card,’ get on the bus or train, scan the card, and go!
  7. Gender – So far, there does not appear to be tons of sexism or huge gender differences. In my apartment, we have 3 girls and 2 guys who share a living room and kitchen, when at Manchester, there is not much co-ed living.
  8. Walking – We walk everywhere! None of us have a car so we just walk wherever we go. The only time you get transportation is if you are going a far distance and it would be far too much to walk.
  9. Anonymity – Coming to a large campus after attending a small one for two years is quite a jump! I feel so anonymous here! I could practically run through campus in the nude and nobody would know (don’t worry everyone, I will not be running through campus naked…it’s much too cold! Just kidding 😊) It is partly sad to not know many people, but it is also a nice little break, in a way, because I can just observe everyone without having to stop and talk every 10 seconds!

I hope everyone back home is having such a swell day! Cheers!

-Delaney, Amateur Adventurer

Delaney Ray '19 is a Psychology and Sociology double major with a minor in Criminal Justice. She works as a Student Orientation Leader and a Library Desk Assistant in addition to blogging for MU. She never thought she would be a blogger, and her dream job is to work for the FBI in the behavioral unit.

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