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Delaney Ray

Commuter Life and Benefits

by Delaney Ray | Feb 24, 2017

Do you live close to campus? Be a commuter! While living on campus is great and all, being a commuter has so many perks! Manchester is great at accommodating for commuters and professors are very understanding if the weather is bad or you have car trouble. Here are some bonuses to being a commuter:

  • Your mom is your RA! – While obviously that is a joke, it is great to continue to live with your parents into college because they help keep you on track with school and are super encouraging! (Plus, if you are lucky like me, your parents will still do your laundry! Woohoo!)
  • Your pet is your roommate! – In the dorms, we are not allowed to have pets, but at home you can have all the pets you want. And let’s be honest, animals are superior to people when it comes to roommate drama.
  • You are more likely to avoid the ‘Freshman 15’! – You can eat home-cooked meals all the time and you have more healthy options in your fridge than you do in the dining hall.
    Not to mention that you are always on the go which means more exercise!
  • No communal showers!! – You don’t have to wear shower shoes in your own shower! And you don’t have to worry about who used the shower before you or what unidentifiable objects are lurking in the corner.
  • No judgement! – Your parents have dealt with your oddities forever so they have certainly stopped judging you by this point. They don’t care about your stuffed animal collection or your obsession with old tv shows!
  • Homework time! – When you are between classes and you do not want to waste gas and head home, you have time to work on your homework! Just head over to our awesome library, find a comfy chair and get stuff done!
  • We have our own house! – Here at MU, there is a house just for commuter students—with computers, couches, and microwaves—that provides a great spot to relax, eat food, or work on homework!
  • SAVE MONEY! – If you live at home, you save lots of money by not having to pay for room and board! And the more money you save, the more cool stuff you can buy for yourself!
Delaney Ray '19 is a Psychology and Sociology double major with a minor in Criminal Justice. She works as a Student Orientation Leader and a Library Desk Assistant in addition to blogging for MU. She never thought she would be a blogger, and her dream job is to work for the FBI in the behavioral unit.

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