Alcohol and Other Drugs

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Changing the Culture of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse

Manchester University is committed to ensuring, to the best of its ability, that its students, staff and faculty are aware of the dangers of abuse of alcohol and other drugs, have appropriate information and resources to ameliorate such abuse and are provided with appropriate enforcement regarding the inappropriate or illegal use or abuse of such substances on campus and at other venues that involve university community members. As is the case for many universities and colleges across the United States, AOD efforts directed to MU students focus on harm reduction, recognizing the reality of AOD abuse among late adolescents and young adults in this country. At the same time, MU fully supports those who choose to remain abstinent from the use of alcohol or other drugs, and it seeks to provide a broad array of activities that are alcohol- and drug-free. More generally, the university is dedicated to attempting to change the culture of AOD abuse that is so common among American university students.