Faith and Belief Luncheon (2)

Thanks to a grant from the Interfaith Youth Core the Office of Religious Life and Campus Interfaith Board will be offering Faith and Belief Luncheons once a month this academic year.

Please RSVP if you are interested in attending our next luncheon on Monday, October 28 from 12 – 1 pm in the Hoff room in the Upper JYSC. The meal is free of cost to students and $5 for faculty and staff. If you wish to attend please RSVP HERE. The luncheon is open to the first 30 people who respond.

October 28 Speakers:

September 25 Speakers:
Faculty Member: Rev. Dr. Alicia Dailey

Alicia DaileyRev. Dr. Alicia Dailey accepted Christ into her heart as a six-year old child. When she was 11 or 12, she felt called to the preaching ministry but could not pursue it at the time. As an undergraduate student, Rev. Dr. Dailey was active in campus religious organizations. She went on to earn two seminary degrees and was ordained as a Baptist minister. Rev. Dr. Dailey is a former pastor of Beamer United Methodist Church in Kokomo, IN. With master’s and doctoral degrees in social work, she continually seeks to integrate her faith with social work values and ethics.

Student: Christy Thomson

Christy Thomson

Christy is a mom/student/entrepreneur who lives in Huntington County. She is a forest therapy guide/mentor and trainer. She also facilitates retreats for ANFT, the organization she trained with to do forest therapy She was born and  was raised in Huntington and now resides there with her 4 children and husband. She is a violinist, vocalist and teacher by training and vocation. She administers a music school in Hunitington through the local YMCA. Christy lives amongst the fields of corn, wheat, soybeans and wooded lots on a small hobby farm where they have planted vegetable gardens, berries, fruit trees, and the many memories of her children’s lives. Her work with ANFT has been life-changing and the source of so much of her energy and vitality. She is currently finishing a degree in Environmental Science and Religious Studies, which is in part the result of her training and also a source for even more love and connection to her forest therapy practice.

Future dates for the Faith and Belief Luncheon are October 28 and November 13.

Contact the University Pastor with questions