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Style Guide for Writers

The Manchester Style a guide for consistency in punctuation and grammar, and it sets style parameters for copy editing and writing University publications, the University website and other nonacademic materials.

Although the guide is not comprehensive, it does provide answers to questions and directives for use, particularly of terms and usage unique to Manchester University. With intentional use, these guidelines will help tell the Manchester story in a consistent way.

If you have questions or a story idea, email stories@manchester.edu.


Grammar and Manchester Style


A Cappella Choir - Do not italicize. A Cappella Choir is an auditioned ensemble that maintains 40-50 members and is open to all Manchester students, regardless of their major field of study. 

Academic Center in 2022 was renamed the Martha and Joseph Cunningham Academic Center, in honor of the siblings who were Manchester's first Black students. It can be called the Cunninham Academic Center or Academic Center on second and subsequent references. Its building code is ACEN. Do not use this in formal communications representing the University. 

academic degrees
Observe the following capitalization for these Manchester University degrees: Associate of Arts, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Master of Arts, Master of Science, Doctor of Pharmacy. Degrees abbreviated in all capital letters do not need periods. Use periods when degrees are abbreviated with upper and lower-case letters:

• Associate of Arts – AA
• Bachelor of Arts – BA
• Bachelor of Science – BS
• Bachelor of Science in Nursing
• Master of Accountancy – M.Acct.
• Master of Athletic Training MAT 
• Master of Business Administration – MBA 
• Master of Education – M.Ed.
• Master of Science – MS
• Master of Science in Nutrition and Nutrigenomics (MSNGx)
• Master of Science in Pharmacogenomics – MS in PGx
• Doctor of Pharmacy – Pharm.D. 

Use abbreviations such as BA, MA, LL.D. or Ph.D. only after a full name, never after just a last name. When used with a full name, set off with a comma. 
    • Justin Lasser, Ph.D., teaches religious studies and philosophy

academic programs
Capitalize academic programs when used with "Program."
Environmental Studies Program, Peace Studies Program, Teacher Education Program

Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE)
Accreditation Council or council may be used on second reference.

Unless everyone involved will know what the letters stand for, avoid Acronyms Without Explanation (AWE). Use this format in writing: Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE), then you can use APPE in subsequent references.

The Office of Admissions is the first stop for prospective students.

Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE)
Plural is Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPEs). For broader public audience, Advanced Practice may be used on second reference.

Abbreviate street, avenue and boulevard only when including a numbered address; always spell 
out road, drive or lane. Always use a figure with an address number. Do not include a space between
P.O. in mailing address.

• 604 E. College Ave.
• P.O. Box 365
• 12 Wabash Lane
• 7 Sycamore St.
• He lives on College Avenue.

For formal use, spell out street, avenue and boulevard even with a numbered address.

Administration Building was razed in early 2022. As of spring 2023, it remains the official address for Manchester University, 604 E. College Ave., North Manchester IN 46962. The site where it once stood is called Oak Grove. The Office of the President moved to Funderburg Library. The Manchester Chime is in a new tower of the Mall.

Not adviser

See ethnic groups

Use figures for people and animals (but not for inanimates):
• The girl is 8 years old.
• The law is eight years old. 

Use hyphens for ages only when used as adjectives.

• A 21-year-old junior
•  The junior is 21 years old

alma mater
Do not italicize. See foreign words.

Alumni Association

Alumni Board of Directors or Alumni Board
Lowercase board or alumni when used alone.

Alumni Days are usually in June.

The singular feminine form

The plural feminine form

The singular masculine form

Refers to a group of men and women or all men

The full words above are preferred in body copy over “alum” or “alums.” Abbreviated versions are acceptable as headlines.

ampersand (&)
Only use the ampersand when it is a part of an event or company's formal name. Do not use in place of "and."

• Accounting students interview with several accounting firms, including Katz, Sapper & Miller and Ernst & Young.
• The Physical Education and Recreation Center houses the Department of Exercise Science and Athletic Training. You might know it better as the PERC.

a.m., p.m.
Lowercase with periods and a space after the number. See times.

Not first annual. An event can only be described as annual after the first event.

Italicize the name of the University yearbook. See composition titles.


Capitalize when referring to Manchester University’s Baccalaureate service. Lowercase when referring to a baccalaureate degree.

• Manchester’s Baccalaureate service will be in Petersime Chapel.
• He received a baccalaureate degree.

Do not italicize. Capitalize when referring to the Scriptures in the Old or New Testament. Lowercase 
biblical in all uses. Lowercase bible as a nonreligious term.

• His daily planner is his bible. 
• He reads the Bible daily for inspiration. 

Bittinger Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Marvin L. Bittinger Department of Mathematics and Computer Science or Bittinger Department 
of Mathematics and Computer Science is preferable on first reference. Mathematics and Computer 
Science Department is acceptable on second reference. It can also be called the department on second and subsequent references if it is clear which department is involved.

See ethnic groups.

Board of Trustees
Capitalize Manchester University Board of Trustees or the Board of Trustees. Lowercase board or the 

book titles
See composition titles.

Campus Store; never bookstore.

Black Student Union
BSU is acceptable as second or subsequent reference.


Capitalize when using complete title.
• The President's Cabinet makes  important administrative decisions.

Lowercase cabinet when used alone.
• Abby Van Vlerah is attending a cabinet meeting.

Camp Mack
Camp Mack or Camp Alexander Mack. Camp Mack Day is an annual event when classes are canceled, and everyone is invited to the camp.

Campus Store
Not bookstore


• Manchester University Fort Wayne is at 10627 Diebold Road, Fort Wayne, IN 46845. Do not refer to it as a campus. Call it by the full name on first reference, "our location" on second reference. In internal, casual references, FW is acceptable.
• The North Manchester campus is officially located at 604 E. College Ave., North Manchester, IN 46962.  In internal, casual references, NM is acceptable.

One word, no hyphen

Carl W. Burt Memorial Field 
Burt Memorial Field is acceptable as first reference when referring to the facility north of Spartan Stadium.

Calvin Ulrey Hall
Calvin Ulrey is acceptable on second reference. In internal, casual references, CU is acceptable.

Candidate accreditation status
Capitalize Candidate.

Career Services and Professional Development


Capitalize and italicize when referring to the Manchester University Catalog. The University 
Catalog or the Catalog are also acceptable.

Lowercase and spell out numbers less than 10.

• The first century, the 20th century.

Change of Course Days 

See Petersime Chapel.

Capitalize when referring to the Manchester Chime. The tower and bells are elements of the instrument called the Manchester Chime on the University Mall in North Manchester. Do not capitalize tower or bells. A new tradition at Manchester is for those who have not yet graduated to refrain from walking through the pillars.

• The Chime plays, “By the Kenapocomoco” every morning. Do not use chimes or bells in place 
of Chime.

Chinworth Center 
Chinworth Center or Lockie and Augustus Chinworth Center are both acceptable on first reference. Chinworth is acceptable on second reference. Do not use CHIN in communications..

Capitalize as part of a formal name or when referring to the denomination. Lowercase when referring to a building or the church vs. state.

• Church of the Brethren
• The Church's position on peace and service ...
• The church down the street ...

Church of the Brethren
Do not use the abbreviation CoB in communications. The denomination is accepted as second reference.

Clark Computer Center
Do not capitalize if the formal name is not used.

• The computer center ..

Capitalize only when referring to a particular graduating class.
• He is a graduate of the Class of 1990.

class rank
• Use the terms first-year student, sophomore, junior and senior for undergraduates. 
• P1, P2, P3 and P4 students are enrolled in the College of Pharmacy, Natural & Health Sciences. When writing for non-pharmacy audiences say, “Elizabeth is a second-year pharmacy student” rather than 
“Elizabeth is a P2.”
• The Master of Athletic Training and Master of Science in Pharmacogenomics are graduate programs. 
• Pharmacy is a professional program, not a graduate program. 

Do not hyphenate.

Do not hyphenate.

Do not hyphenate.

Use when referring to both faculty and staff at MU.

Do not abbreviate college names. Four colleges comprise Manchester University:
College of Arts & Humanities
College of Business 
     - See Gilbert College of Business
College of Education & Social Sciences
College of Pharmacy, Natural & Health Sciences
     - The Manchester University Pharmacy Programs is part of this college, housed at Manchester University Fort Wayne.
     - There is no College of Pharmacy. Please don't call it that. 

Capitalize only when referring to Manchester University’s Commencement ceremony.

communication studies
Do not add an s to communication when referring to the Manchester academic major.

committee names 
Capitalize names of specific committees.
• Staff Organizational Committee. Do not capitalize committee on second or subsequent references.

composition titles
Italicize titles of books, magazines, periodicals, newspapers, movies, television shows, plays, works of art and comprehensive musical works, such as operas and albums.

• Students interested in journalism should join either the Aurora yearbook or Oak Leaves newspaper staff.
• Bill Eberly wrote The Story of the Natural Sciences at Manchester College.
• The A Cappella Choir performed Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana.
Do not italicize the Bible and books that are primarily reference materials, such as dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks, directories, etc.
• Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, Encyclopedia Britannica

Place quotation marks around chapter titles, articles, speeches 
and songs.
The Story of the Natural Sciences at Manchester College includes a chapter titled “The Doctors Among Us.”
Martin Luther King Jr. delivered the speech “The Future of Integration” at Manchester in 1968.
• The Manchester Chime rang out a rousing rendition of “Take Me Out to the Ball Game.”

See Values, Ideas and the Arts. Many older alumni were required to attend convocation, often with assigned seating, to hear speakers and presentations.

Cordier Auditorium was named in honor of Andrew Cordier, a 1922 Manchester graduate and history professor. He was an advocate for peace and played a major role in drafting of the charter for the United Nations.

Cordier lobby 

course titles
Capitalize when designating a specific course.
• Several courses, including Structure of the English Language, will be offered next semester.
• Dr. Smith teaches the Pharmaceutical Skills course.


Acceptable on first reference for certified public accountant.

CRU5H at Wilbur’s is the grill café inside Funderburg Library. Yes, that is a 5 in the name.

cum laude, magna cum laude, summa cum laude
No italics. See foreign words.

Cunningham Academic Center
In 2022, the Academic Center  was renamed the Martha and Joseph Cunningham Academic Center, in honor of the siblings who were Manchester's first Black students. It can be called the Cunninham Academic Center or Academic Center on second and subsequent references. Its building code is ACEN. Do not use this in formal communications representing the University. 

curriculum vitae
No italics. Plural is curricula vitae.


Do not use st, nd, th with dates.

• All accounts are to be paid in full by Aug. 15 for fall semester. Also see months. For formal use, spell out months.
• You are invited to join in celebrating with us on August 15, 2015, ...

days of the week
Capitalize and do not abbreviate days of the week, except in table formats.

Dean’s List
Capitalize only when referring to Manchester University's Dean's List.

Do not use an apostrophe between the number and the s. The apostrophe in the abbreviation takes the place of the first two numerals. 

• 1980s, the '80s

The Marvin L. Bittinger Department of Mathematics and Computer Science is in the College of Pharmacy, Natural & Health Sciences. The Harry H. Henney ’35 and Jeanette Henney Department of Education is in the College of Education & Social Sciences.

Typically, department refers to academic areas; office refers to non-academic areas. Capitalize the names of campus departments.

• Department of Music or the Music Department
• Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences or Pharmaceutical Sciences Department

See numerals.

Lowercase north, south, east and west when referring to direction; capitalize when referring to regions such as the Midwest, the Northeast, the South.

disabled, disability
Prefer using the phrase people with disabilities rather than handicapped people. Do not describe an individual as having a disability unless it is clearly pertinent to the story. Be specific about the type of disability, or symptoms. Avoid the term handicap for a disability or handicapped for a person. Avoid using disability-related words lightly or in unrelated situations, such as fell on deaf ears or turned a blind eye.
Examples: Merritt, who is blind and walks with the help of a guide dog, said she is pleased with the campus walkway improvements.

Discussion Days
Discussion Day is a Manchester biennial tradition that brings the community together to engage in an immersive examination of an issue identified to be of significant relevance to the students, staff and faculty.

Doctor of Pharmacy
The Doctor of Pharmacy is a professional program, not a graduate program, such as the Master of Science in Pharmacogenomics or the Master of Athletic Training.

Abbreviate as Pharm.D. after the name of an individual who earned this degree. Set off with a comma.

•John Smith, Pharm.D., teaches at Manchester University.
• Do not use Dr. and Pharm.D. together. Dr. John Smith or John Smith, Pharm.D. For press releases, be clear the person is a pharmacist.

For amounts less than one million dollars, use figures.

• The building cost $950,000. For amounts $1 million or more, use numerals up to two decimal places.
• The new building cost $2.54 million. For even dollar amounts, do not show decimal.
• The tickets are $6 each.

dorm, dormitory
Use residence hall. Do not use dorm, dorms or dormitory.

Dr. as title
The title Dr. may precede the names of faculty members who have earned the doctorate degree. Add the person's speciality for clarity whenever possible, particularly when writing press releases. Most media outlets avoid using "Dr." for nonmedical subjects.

• Dr. Jonathan Watson, associate professor of English ... See also Ph.D.


Drug Information Center
The Center may be used on second reference. The Manchester University Drug Information Center is to promote the use of evidenced-based medicine, improve medication safety, and enhance patient-centered pharmaceutical care in northeast Indiana through practice, scholarship and teaching. It is at Manchester University Fort Wayne.

Dupont Hospital

Dupont Road
Manchester University Fort Wayne is at Dupont and Diebold roads.


East Hall
East is acceptable on second reference for the residence hall. Do not call it a dorm.


The singular, feminine form

The plural, feminine form

The singular, masculine form

The plural form that can be used for a group composed of men only or of both men and women.

endowed professorships
• Gladdys Muir Professor of Peace Studies
• Howard and Myra Brembeck Professor of Business
• Isaac and Etta H. Oppenheim Professor of Mathematical Sciences
• John L. and Esther L. Rinehart Hamer Professorship in Music
• Mark E. Johnston Professor of Entrepreneurship

Environmental Studies Cabin
Lowercase cabin when used alone.

• She works in the Environmental Studies Cabin.
• She returned to the cabin after class.

ethnic groups
Be aware that how we refer to groups and individuals in such groups may shift over time. When in doubt about how a person prefers to be identified, ask.

We capitalize the proper names of ethnic groups such as Caucasian, African American, Asian American, etc. When used as an adjective, the proper name is hyphenated.

Example: The African-American student is African American. 

Using Asian American: Some prefer this term and others might be offended by this and prefer their specific country’s identification, such as Japanese American, Chinese American, etc. Ask.

Hispanic traditionally refers to a person from, or whose ancestors were from, a non-European Spanish-speaking culture. If an individual prefers Latino or Latina, follow the person’s preference. Use a more specific identification when accurate, such as Cuban American or Mexican American, unless the person has another preference. Also see Latinx.

Capitalize Black when referring to African-American people, other people in the African diaspora and those in Africa. Do not use African-Americans when referring to people from outside the United States. Some Black people who were not born in the U.S. prefer to identify with the country of their birth, such as “Haitian American,” Panamanian American, etc. Please ask the individual involved.

As of spring 2023, Manchester does not capitalize white when used in an ethnic, racial or cultural sense. Please refer to Associated Press style for updates usage guidelines. 

Do not hyphenate.


When faculty refers to a group as a whole, use a singular verb and pronoun. Do not capitalize.
• The faculty focuses on its reputation.

When faculty refers to the individuals within a group, use a plural verb and pronoun.
• The faculty return to their classrooms after fall break. Do not capitalize.

fall semester
Lowercase except when using as a proper noun designating a specific semester.

• Introduction to Computers is offered fall semester only.
• The Pharmacy Program enrolled its first class in Fall 2012

Fellow, fellowship
Capitalize only if part of the proper name of the fellowship.
• Interested students can check out the James Madison Fellowship through the Office of Academic Affairs.

fewer, less
Use fewer when referring to items that can be counted. Less refers to quantity or general amounts.

• Fewer students took the offer than we expected.
• We had less rain this month compared with a year ago at this time.

field instruction

first-year student
Use first-year in place of freshman. Hyphenate when used as an adjective. Do not hyphenate when not used as a modifier.
• She will be a first-year student at Manchester this fall.
• This will be his first year.

foreign words
Foreign words that have been accepted universally in the English language should not be italicized.
• Sodexo served filet mignon at the banquet.
If a foreign word or phrase needs explanation, place the word in italics followed by an explanation of the meaning.
Voila is a French interjection, with several meanings, one being "Aha." 

foreign students
The Manchester term is international students.

formal style for invitations
Appropriate to spell out months when used with dates, state names when used with cities, and streets, avenues and boulevards when used with numbered addresses. Follow time guidelines, for example, 7 p.m., not 7:00 p.m.

Fort Wayne
Do not abbreviate Fort Wayne, except in casual, internal usage.

Fort Wayne campus
The Higher Learning Commission has informed us that we cannot refer to Manchester University Fort Wayne as a campus. MU Fort Wayne or the location on second reference, or "in Fort Wayne."

Do not add an s.

Fulbright Program, Fulbright Scholar
Only faculty are awarded Fulbright Scholarships and are Fulbright Scholars. Students are awarded Fulbright grants and are Fulbright grant recipients. Fulbright is acceptable on second reference for a student who receives a Fulbright grant.

full time
Do not hyphenate except when used as an adjective modifying a noun.
• He works full time.
• She is a full-time student.

Funderburg Library 
Capitalize Funderburg Library but lowercase library when using alone.
• Funderburg Library was dedicated on Oct. 29, 1966.
• The library hours are posted near the door.
Funderburg or the library are acceptable on second reference.

Do not hyphenate


Garver Hall
Garver Hall or Earl S. Garver Hall is a residence hall. Garver is acceptable on second reference. Never call it a dorm.

Gallery G
Italicize the "G."

Do not assume gender identity. A respectful way to determine another person's gender identity is to say what pronouns you use and ask them what they use. Or say, "Let's exchange pronouns."

General Education

Capitalize when used as a proper noun referring to the core requirements.
• A list of General Education courses can be found in the Manchester University Catalog.

Gilbert College of Business
Or Arthur L. Gilbert College of Business is preferable to College of Business on first reference. College of Business is acceptable on second reference.

Gladdys Muir
A Manchester professor, the late Gladdys Muir launched the world’s first undergraduate peace studies program at Manchester in 1948. She believed that if she planted the seeds of creative nonviolence in the hearts of her students, that they would scatter those potent ideas across the globe. 

Gladdys Muir Peace Garden

Lowercase peace garden when not used with full title. The garden is next to the Peace House.

Gladdys Muir Professor of Peace Studies
This is an endowed professorship. The person may be a full professor, assistant professor or associate professor. Refer to the person by their title. Dr. Anuj Gurung is Gladdys Muir Assistant Professor of Peace Studies.

grade point average
GPA is acceptable on first reference. GPA is always listed with two figures past the decimal point
• Her GPA is 3.50 grades Capitalize letters used for course grades and terms used as grades.
• The student received an A, B, C, D and an Incomplete for the semester. Do not add an apostrophe in the plural form.
• The student had three As and two Bs this semester.
Note: Because of FERPA, a federal law that protects the privacy of student education records, check with the Office of the Registrar before releasing any information about an individual student's GPA. We will instead say something like, Joe Brown is a perennial on the Dean's List or is in the Honors Program. Only the student can give you permission, in writing, to make their 4.0 public.

The full words “graduate” or “graduates” are preferred in body copy over “grad” or “grads.” Abbreviated versions are acceptable as headlines.

Graduate Bulletin

Graduate Certificate in Pharmacogenomics

graduate program
The Master of Athletic Training and Master of Science in Pharmacogenomics are graduate programs. The Doctor of Pharmacy is a professional program.

Graduation Day

Graduation Pledge Alliance or Graduation Pledge
Students at colleges and universities throughout the world have recognized the Graduation Pledge of Social and Environmental Responsibility. It reads: I pledge to explore and take into account the social and environmental consequences of any job I consider and will try to improve these aspects of any organizations for which I work.
The pledge is voluntary. Green ribbons are worn at Commencement by those who are gowned and agree to the pledge. This includes graduating seniors and faculty.

graduation year
Use an apostrophe followed by the last two digits of the graduation year to designate alumni. The apostrophe should point to the left, indicating the omission of the first two numbers. When possible, this should be in bold.
J. Bentley Peters '62 presided over the inauguration.

If the person's last name changes, the graduation year follows the name of the student at the time of graduation.
Marsha Palmer '69 Link
Carolyn Moldenhauer Hardman ’61
Check with alumni relations if you are unsure.

In a hyphenated name, the year follows the last name.
Rebecca Ball-Miller '82

Graduation years and degrees are typically denoted in Manchester magazine and print and electronic publications geared toward alumni. When appropriate, use the graduation year and degree earned, if it is not a bachelor’s degree, after the name. Do not use anticipated graduation years for current students, but refer to them as sophomore, junior, second-year pharmacy student, etc.

Pharm.D. – Doctor of Pharmacy
M.Acct. – Master of Accountancy
MAT – Master of Athletic Training
M.Ed. – Master of Education
MS – Master of Science
h – honorary degree
c – attended but did not graduate

Year specifies intended graduation year.
John Doe ’90c

Designated more than one Manchester degree as follows:
• Jim Williams ’71 ’73 M.Ed. (bachelor’s and Master of Education)
• John Minnich ’01 ’02 M.Acct. (bachelor’s and Master of Accountancy)



Haist Commons
Not Haist Dining Commons or cafeteria. It is in the lower level of the Jo Young Switzer Center. 

handicap, handicapped
Preferred use is the phrase "accessible for those with disabilities" in place of handicap.
See disabled.

health care is always two words

Helman Hall
Helman Hall or A. Blair Helman Hall is acceptable on first reference for the residence hall. Helman is acceptable on second reference. Never call it a dorm.

Henney Department of Education
Harry H. Henney ’35 and Jeanette Henney Department of Education is acceptable on first reference. Department of Education is acceptable on second reference.

•  U.S. 31
• Indiana 114
• Interstate 69, second reference  I-69

The latest term referring to Hispanic people is “Latinx.” You may need to explain that Latinx is a gender-neutral term. Young Hispanic women are most likely to use it, which means that some of our Hispanic female students may prefer it. When in doubt, ask the individual involved which they prefer.Latinx is not in common usage among older adults, at least not in spring of 2023. See ethnic groups for broader guidance.

Hispanos Unidos
A student organization that spreads information and increases understanding about Hispanic/Latino cultures.

Hoff Room
Not Hoff Conference Room. It is in the upper level of the Jo Switzer Center.

Always list the room first, building second
•  Hoff Room, Jo Young Switzer Center

Holl-Kintner Hall
Alumni might refer to this building, which has been replaced. See Cunningham Academic Center.

home page

Capitalize when referring to Manchester University’s Homecoming event, usually in October.

Homecoming and Family Weekend

honorable mention
See entry in Athletic Guidelines.

Honors Program

Howard and Myra Brembeck Professor of Business
This is an endowed professorship. The person may be a full professor, assistant professor or associate professor. Refer to the person by their title. Heather Twomey is Howard and Myra Brembeck Professor of Business and dean of the Gilbert College of Business.


Acceptable on first reference for identification.
• A student ID is required for admittance.

Abbreviate as Inc. and do not separate with commas.
• XYZ Inc. announced plans to recruit on campus.

Indiana University Fort Wayne
First reference when used with broader audience. IU Fort Wayne may be used on second reference or as first reference when used locally.

Indiana University School of Medicine-Fort Wayne
Hyphen, no space, per their style. School of Medicine or medical school may be used on second reference.


Intercultural Center
Acceptable on second reference for the Jean Childs Young Intercultural Center. Never refer to this in communications as the JCYIC. 

International Fair
Manchester University International Fair was a spring tradition at Manchester that celebrated cultures of the world. Held every other year, it has not returned since the COVID-19 pandemic.

international students
Use international students rather than foreign students.

Do not capitalize.


Information Technology Services
ITS is acceptable in all references, but consider using it on first reference with those who aren't familiar with this. Many organizations use IT.

Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience (IPPE)
Plural is Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences (IPPEs).
For broader public audience, Introductory Practice may be used on second reference.

it's, its
It's = it is, contraction
• It's on the shelf.

Without the apostrophe, its shows possession.
• The paint lost its luster.

Isaac and Etta H. Oppenheim Professor of Mathematical Sciences
This is an endowed professorship. The person may be a full professor, assistant professor or associate professor. Refer to the person by their title. Dr. James Brumbaugh-Smith is the Isaac and Etta H. Oppenheim Associate Professor of Mathematics. (spring 2023)


January session
Use January session, not January term or Jan term, unless they are in a quote. Lowercase session except when referring to a specific January session.
• Manchester University offers students several options during the three-week January session.
• The list of classes offered for January Session 2017 will be posted on the bulletin board.
•"Jan Term changed my life and perspective about the world," the student said.

Jean Childs Young Intercultural Center
Intercultural Center is acceptable on second reference. Do not refer to it in writing as the JCYIC. The building is named in honor of the late Manchester alumna educator and activist Jean Childs Young.

Jo Young Switzer Center
Switzer Center is acceptable on second reference. Do not use JYS Center or JYSC. When referring to the second level of the building, use Jo Young Switzer Center, upper level, not upper Jo Young Switzer Center. The building is named in honor of Manchester's first female president. 2004-2014.

junior, senior
Abbreviate Jr. or Sr. only with full names and do not precede with a comma.
• John Doe Jr. and John Doe Sr.


Koinonia Environmental and Retreat Center
Koinonia is acceptable on second reference. Do not use an ampersand. The center is owned and operated by Manchester University. Located between Pierceton and North Manchester just off State Road 13, the facility offers a tranquil setting for hikes, quiet reflection, retreats, or groups who want to learn or study.


Lahman Room
Not Lahman Conference Room. It is in the upper level of the Jo Young Switzer Center.

Always list the room first, building second.
•  Lahman Room, Jo Young Switzer Center

The latest term referring to Hispanic people is “Latinx.” You may need to explain that Latinx is a gender-neutral term. Young Hispanic women are most likely to use it, which means that some of our Hispanic female students may prefer it. When in doubt, ask the individual involved which they prefer.Latinx is not in common usage among older adults, at least not in spring of 2023. See ethnic groups for broader guidance.

LEED certified, LEED Gold certified
Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a green building certification program used worldwide. It was developed by the nonprofit U.S. Green Building Council. 

less, fewer
See fewer, less

See Funderburg Library.

Lilly Endowment  Inc.
The Endowment or Lilly Endowment may be used on second reference. Do not use Lilly, Lilly grant or Lilly Plowshares Grant. Any press release written about a Lilly Endowment grant must be approved by the Foundation.

login, log in
If used as an adjective or noun, use as one word.
• At the prompt, type in your login name.
• Use your login to gain access to the program.

When used as a verb, use two words.
• When can students log in?

The same rule applies to logout, log out and logoff, log off.

Lutheran Health Network
Lutheran Hospital, St. Joseph Hospital, Dupont Hospital and Kosciusko Community Hospital are all part of Lutheran Health Network.

Lutheran Hospital
Lutheran Hospital is in Lutheran Medical Park, Fort Wayne.


Use Manchester Activities Council (MAC) on first reference. See Acronyms Without Explanation.

magazine titles

See composition titles.

major(s), minor(s)
Do not capitalize academic majors or minors except for the languages.
• He had a double major in Spanish and accounting.

• The Manchester University Mall was transformed into a carnival. The Manchester Chime is on the Mall.

Manchester Activities Council
MAC is acceptable on second reference.

The Manchester Fund
Capitalize The.

Manchester magazine   
Italicize the name of this alumni publication. Do not capitalize magazine.

Manchester University Fort Wayne
This is the formal name of our location in Fort Wayne. The Higher Learning Commission has informed us that we cannot refer to Manchester University Fort Wayne as a campus. MU Fort Wayne or the location on second reference, or "in Fort Wayne." Never Manchester University FW. You don't need to say Manchester University Fort Wayne location. Just use the formal name on first reference. Avoid MUFW except in casual, internal usage. Manchester University Fort Wayne is on Facebook. as https://www.facebook.com/ManchesterUniversityFW.

Mark E. Johnston Professor of Entrepreneurial Studies
This is an endowed professorship. The person may be a full professor, assistant professor or associate professor. Refer to the person by their title. Joe Messer is the Mark E. Johnston Professor of Entrepreneurial Studies. (spring 2023)

Master of Athletic Training
Abbreviate as MAT after the name of an individual who earned this degree from Manchester University. Set off with a comma.
• Jane Doe, MAT

Master of Science in Nutrition and Nutrigenomics

Master of Science in Pharmacogenomics

May Day
May Day weekend has bonfires, tricyle races, mud volleyball, drag show and other student activities. It is a tradition going back to the 1920s that has evolved over the years.

Use no periods in the MU abbreviation for Manchester University.

medical practicum
Lowercase unless referring to a specific medical practicum.
• Students majoring in biology may want to sign up for the medical practicum in January.
• Planning has begun for the 2025 Medical Practicum.

Do not use 12 in front of midnight. Do not use 12 a.m.
• The event begins at midnight. The event is 8 a.m. to midnight.

Not midterm

Mission Statement
Capitalize when used as the title of a document, lowercase when using mission alone as a reference.
• The University Mission Statement outlines our purpose.
• In support of the mission and goals of the University ...

Model United Nations


Spell out the month when using alone or only with a year.
• In August 2011, Manchester broke ground for the Fort Wayne campus.

Abbreviate months except March, April, May, June and July when including date.
• Funderburg Library was dedicated on Oct. 29, 1966.

For formal use, such as formal invitations, spell out months.

Morris Observatory
or Charles S. Morris Observatory. Lowercase observatory when not a proper noun. The students are going to the observatory.

Mount Morris College
Mount Morris College merged with Manchester in 1932.


Multicultural Affairs


Neher Maintenance Center
or the maintenance center.

Italicize names of newspapers. See composition titles.

Niswander Biology Department
Niswander Biology Department or Dr. R. Emerson and Evelyn Niswander Biology Department is preferable on first reference. Biology Department is acceptable on second reference.

Do not hyphenate. 

Do not use 12 in front of noon. Do not use 12 p.m.
• Lunch begins at noon and ends at 2 p.m.

northeast Indiana
Don't capitalize unless it is part of an organization's formal name. Example: The Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership represents an 11-county region with diverse communities and a population of nearly 800,000. The region is made up of Adams, Allen, DeKalb, Huntington, Kosciusko, LaGrange, Noble, Steuben, Wabash, Wells, and Whitley counties, all in northeast Indiana.

northern Indiana

Spell out numerals that begin a sentence, except a numeral that indicates a year. Spell out one through nine, use figures beginning with 10.
• Examples: The Peace Studies Program celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2023. It is the event's ninth annivesary.
... for ages
Always use figures when numbers refer to ages.
• He is 5 years old.
• John Doe, 20, is a junior.
Use hyphens when age is an adjective modifying a noun.
• He is a 5-year-old boy.
... for course numbers
Capitalize the department name when used with a course number.
• Biology 101
--- for dimensions
Use figures and spell out the words for inches, feet and yards.
• She is 5 feet 4 inches tall.
• Last night 4 inches of rain fell on campus.


Oak Leaves
Italicize the name of University's student newspaper. See composition titles.
Established in 1913, the paper serves as a forum for community commentary and opinion, and as a vehicle for news that relates to the Manchester campus.

Oak Grove
This is the working title for the student gathering area on College Avenue on the site of what was the Administration Building.

Oakwood Hall
Oakwood is acceptable as second reference for the residence hall. Never call it a dorm or dormitory. 

See Morris Observatory.

office names
Typically, office refers to nonacademic areas; department refers to academic areas. Capitalize the names of campus offices:
• Admissions Office or Office of Admissions.

off campus/off-campus
on campus/on-campus

Hyphenate only when used as an adjective.
• The student arranged an off-campus internship.
• The student arranged an internship off campus.



page numbers
Use figures and capitalize page when used with a figure.
• Page 7

Parkview Health

Parkview Huntington Hospital
is in Huntington, Ind.

Parkview Regional Medical Center
is adjacent to Manchester’s Fort Wayne campus.

Parkview Wabash Hospital
is in Wabash, Ind.

part time, part-time
Hyphenate only when used as an adjective:
• Students are permitted to work part time.
• He is a part-time employee.

Pass/Not Pass

Peace House

peace studies
See academic programs. Manchester has the oldest undergraduate peace studies program in the world. 

Peace Studies Institute and Program in Conflict Resolution

people, persons
People is preferred to persons in all plural uses. People is a collective noun that takes a plural verb when referring to a single race or nation.
• The American people are ...

Persons only should be used when it is in a direct quote or part of a title.

In sentence format, use figures and spell out percent.
• Enrollment rose 7 percent.
Repeat percent with each individual figure.
• Projected enrollment indicates a 7 percent to 10 percent increase.

Use symbol % in charts, and it is acceptible in headlines.

Petersime Chapel
Petersime is acceptable on first reference. Lowercase when using chapel alone.
• Petersime Chapel is directly north of Oakwood Hall.
• Services are held in the chapel each Tuesday at  7 p.m. 

Capitalize when used with the formal title of the program:
• The Manchester University Pharmacy Program is based at Manchester University Fort Wayne. It offers distance pathway online and a traditional program on cample. 

Lowercase when used as a second reference to the program:
• Manchester has 280 pharmacy students. • Manchester has a doctoral program in pharmacy.

See Doctor of Pharmacy.

PGx is acceptable on second reference.

Pharmacy Bulletin

Pharmacy degree
Do not capitalize.
• John Doe has a doctor of pharmacy degree from Purdue University.

Do not use Dr. and Ph.D. together.
• Dr. Katy Gray Brown or Katy Gray Brown, Ph.D.
See also Dr.

Capitalize when using complete title, lowercase when using alone.
• The Manchester University Phonathon is scheduled for spring this year.
• The phonathon raises funds for University operating costs.

Physical Education and Recreation Center
Do not use an ampersand. PERC is acceptable as second reference.

Physical Plant

Power House

See medical practicum.

Precandidate accreditation status
Capitalize Precandidate.

Pre-pharmacy Program
Capitalize when referring to Manchester’s academic program.

See titles.

President's Conference Room

President’s Leadership Council
PLC or the council is acceptable as second reference.

Do not abbreviate professor. Capitalize only when preceding a person's name.
• Professor Beate Gilliar grew up in Germany and teaches English. 
• Dr. Beate Gilliar, professor of English, encourages students to be their best selves.

Do not abbreviate assistant or associate.
• Tim Brauch, associate professor of mathematics.

Use professor only for those individuals who have earned a full professorship. When in doubt, check with the Office of Academic Affairs. People who teach can be adjuncts, associate professors, assistant professors or something else.

Purdue University Fort Wayne
PFW may be used on second reference.


Lowercase title when used alone or following a name.
• She asked the registrar for the class schedule.
Capitalize titles when preceding a name or in the name of the office.
• Registrar Rose reviewed graduation requirements for the Office of the Registrar.

Resident assistant
RA is acceptable as second reference. Lowercase resident assistant, except when preceding a person’s name. Do not abbreviate.

residence hall(s)
Use residence hall(s) in place of dorm, dorms, dormitory or dormitories.

residential life
Capitalize only when using Office of Residential Life. Do not use resident’s life or residence life.


When using as a title before a person’s name, precede it with word "the" and abbreviate.
• He is the Rev. Billy Graham ...

Use the Rev. Dr. only if the person has an earned doctoral degree and reference to the degree is relevant. The Rev. Dr. Martlin Luther King Jr. spoke at Manchester in 1968.

resident director
RD is acceptable on second reference. Lowercase as title except when preceding a person’s name, spell out and capitalize.

retail pharmacies
CVS, Walgreens

Rhiney Bowl
This is the water detention site on Wayne Street, long used as place for students to play kickball and other games.

Use figures and capitalize when used with a number. Capitalize when referring to a designated room.
• Biology 101 meets in Room 3.
• The meeting will be in the Plowshares Conference Room.
• Check the room down the hall.
Always list the room first, building second.
•  Flory Auditorium, Science Center

This is the abbreviation of the French phrase "Repondez, s'il vous plaît." If you get an invitation with an R.S.V.P., it means the sender is expecting a response of yes or no. 


See Student Activities Council.

Schwalm Hall

Schwalm Hall or Vernon F. Schwalm Hall is acceptable on first reference for the residence hall. Schwalm is acceptable on second reference. Never call it a dorm or dormatory. As of spring 2023, it was not in use.

Science Center
Constructed in 2004 on the Manchester Mall.

Always use figures, placing a hyphen between the totals.
• Manchester defeated Franklin 7-3.

Sisters Café
Do not use an apostrophe but do use the accent.

song titles
See composition titles.

Spartan Stream
The online broadcasting station of Manchester University

See composition titles.

spring break

spring semester
Lowercase except when used as a proper noun.
• Conference Services is scheduling use of space for Spring 2017.

When staff refers to a group as a whole, it is a collective noun that takes a singular verb and pronoun.
• The staff meets its expectations.
If staff refers to individuals within the group, use a plural verb and plural pronoun.
• The staff return to their offices.

Staff Organizational Committee (SOC)

SOC is acceptable as second reference.

Capitalize only when referring to the government itself.
• Display your support for MU with a State of Indiana MU license plate.
• Manchester University is in the state of Indiana.

Spell out the names of the 50 U.S. states when they stand alone in text.
• The student is from Indiana.

When listed with a town, abbreviate states in datelines or text except Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Maine, Ohio, Texas and Utah.
• She is from Wabash, Ind.
• He lives in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Use postal abbreviations when used with the full address, including ZIP code.
• Her address is 805 Rushing St., Johnston, IA 50131.
• Return your check to: Alumni Association 604 E. College Ave. North Manchester, IN 46962.

State abbreviations
Used in text are as follows with postal abbreviations in parentheses:
Ala. (AL)      Neb. (NE)
Ariz. (AZ)     Nev. (NV)
Ark. (AR)      N.H. (NH)
Calif.(CA)     N.J. (NJ)
Colo. (CO)   N.M. (NM)
Conn. (CT)   N.Y. (NY)
Del. (DE)      N.C. (NC)
Fla. (FL)       N.D. (ND)
Ga. (GA)      Okla. (OK)
Ill. (IL)           Ore. (OR)
Ind. (IN)        Pa. (PA)
Kan. (KS)     R.I. (RI)
Ky. (KY)        S.C. (SC)
La. (LA)        S.D. (SD)
Md. (MD)      Tenn. (TN)
Mass. (MA)   Vt. (VT)
Mich. (MI)      Va. (VA)
Minn. (MN)    Wash. (WA)
Miss. (MS)     W. Va. (WV)
Mo. (MO)      Wis. (WI)
Mont. (MT)    Wyo. (WY)

Punctuation: Place a comma between the city and the state name and another comma after the state name when used in text.
• North Manchester, Ind., is the home of the Spartans.

For formal use, spell out state names.

street names, avenue, boulevard
See addresses.

Student Activities Center (SAC)
Former name of the Office of Student Involvement


Student Experience Center
Former name of the Office of Student Involvement

Student Involvement
The full name is the Office of Student Involvement

Student Senate
(formerly Student Government Association)

student organizations
Capitalize the names of student organizations.

Student Success Center

Students First!
Italicize and use an exclamation point when referring to this comprehensive campaign that ended in 2014.

summer session
Lowercase except when a specific summer session is a proper noun.
•  She's taking a computer class in Summer Session II.
• The first summer session begins the week following Manchester Commencement.


Tall Oaks
Tall Oaks, 1408 East St., is the Manchester University president's residence.

telephone numbers
Use hyphens rather than parentheses or other formats. The figure 1 is not needed.
•  260-982-5000
•  Call 800-852-3648.

Four-digit extensions are acceptable only when addressing strictly an on-campus audience.
•  x5050

Manchester students attended the theater. Use theatre when it is part of a proper name.
•  Manchester University Theatre Society.   
The Manchester Fund
Capitalize The.

Timbercrest Senior Living Community
Timbercrest acceptable on second reference. Many Manchester alumni live in Timbercrest.

Use figures except for noon and midnight; use a colon to separate hours from minutes; do not use zeros for times at the top of the hour. Lowercase a.m. and p.m. and use periods after each letter with a space separating the numbers from the letters, but not spaces between letters or periods.
• 1 a.m., 1:15 p.m., noon, midnight

time spans
Separate a time span with a hyphen, not a dash, with a space on either side. Do not add a.m. or p.m. to the start time when time span both begins and ends in either a.m. or p.m.
•  2 - 4 p.m., 3:30 - 5:30 p.m., 6 p.m. - midnight

Include a.m. or p.m. in the start time when the span begins and ends in different halves of the day.
•  8 a.m. - 5 p.m., 10 p.m. - 2 a.m.

Lowercase and spell out titles when not used with an individual’s name or when the title follows a name. If in list format capitalize.
• Manchester University’s president, Dr. Stacy Young, as president, favored the action. Manchester University President Stacy Young presented the citation.
• Wilson Lutz, professor emeritus of chemistry ...

Capitalize and spell out titles when used immediately before one or more names.
• Manchester University President Stacy Young and Vice President for Academic Affairs Celia Cook-Huffman  favored the action.
• Professor Emeritus Wilson Lutz taught chemistry.

Never abbreviate assistant or associate.

Use “of” if the person is part of a whole.
•  Heather Twomey is dean of the College of Business.
Use “for” if the person represents, acts for or advocates for something.
•  Ryon Kaopuiki, vice president for enrollment and marketing

Use these titles when referring to members of the Manchester University President’s Cabinet and other executives:
• President Stacy Young 
• Celia Cook-Huffman, vice president for academic affairs 
• Clair Knapp, chief business officer
• Melanie Harmon, vice president for advancement
•  Ryon Kaopuiki, vice president for enrollment and marketing
• Abby Van Vlerah, vice president of Student Life
• Judd Case, dean of arts and sciences
• Heather Twomey, dean of the Gilbert College of Business
• W. Thomas Smith, professor and Dean of Health Sciences and Pharmacy 

toll free
Hyphenate only when used as an adjective.
• Prospective students can call the Manchester Admissions Office toll free.
• Prospective students calling the Admissions Office may use our toll-free number.

Do not add an s.



The Union
See Jo Young Switzer Center. Many people call it The Union, even students who weren't here when it went by that name. Alumni often do. This is so you know what they are talking about.

United Nations
Spell out when used as a noun. Use U.N. (with periods, no space) only as an adjective.
• Andrew Cordier, Manchester Class of 1922, played an important role in forming the United Nations.
• The U.N. Security Council met in an emergency session.
• Manchester has an active Model United Nations student chapter.

United States
Spell out when used as a noun. Use U.S. (with periods, no space) only as an adjective. When using USA, no periods necessary.
• The United States has more than 3,000 colleges and universities.
• There are more than 3,000 U.S. colleges and universities in th USA.

Always capitalize when referring to Manchester University.
• The University's employment rate is higher than ...

Lowercase when referring to universities in general.
• Manchester is one of 33 universities in Indiana.

University Safety
Do not add Office or Department.  

U.S.News & World Report
Do not put a space between U.S. and News; Use an ampersand, not the word “and”; italicize.


Values Statement
Capitalize when used as the title of a document; lowercase when using values alone as a reference.
• The Board of Trustees approved the Values Statement.

Values, Ideas and the Arts (VIA)
Use as a title when referring to this series of events of intellectual and cultural enrichment. VIA is acceptable as second reference. When referring to an individual event within the series, VIA event is preferred usage. Convocation or convo may be used when addressing an audience that predates this name for the program. Opening Convocation and Spring Convocation are events in the VIA series presented by the president.


voice mail


Washington, D.C.

web, weblog, blog, weblogger,  blogger

Lowercase as one word, also webcam, webcast and webmaster. As two words, web page, web service and web address. 

White Coat Ceremony

CRU5H at Wilbur’s is the grill café inside the Funderburg Library.

Wine Recital Hall
Norman and Grace Wine Recital Hall or Wine Recital Hall are both acceptable on first reference. See Winger Hall.

Winger Hall
Winger Hall or Otho Winger Memorial Hall are both acceptable on first reference. Winger is acceptable on second reference.

work study or work-study
Hyphenate when used as an adjective modifying a noun.
• The student was in a work-study program.
• She was eligible for work study.


Use an s without an apostrophe to indicate decades. If you are replacing first two digits, put the apostrophe where the missing numbers would be, and make sure the apostrophe is facing away from the numbers.
• Manchester origins began in the late 1800s.
•Manchester President Stacy Young graduated in the '90s.


ZIP code
Use all caps for ZIP but lowercase code. Do not use a comma between the state name and the ZIP code.
• North Manchester, IN 46962