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Student Scholarships


Kemper Fellowships

Awarded to sophomore students for summer study and travel.

These scholarships from the James S. Kemper Foundation are awarded to "the best and brightest" students from an informal consortium of nine small colleges and universities. Encouraged to use their imaginations, each student proposed a course of travel and study that typically would have been financially unfeasible. After completing their summer projects, the students gathered together in the fall to spend a week in Chicago, sharing their summer experiences while exploring the urban culture.

  • Aaron Cook spent a summer in England studying the literature of Thomas Hardy. He also went to El Salvador, immersing himself in the Spanish language.
  • Forest Etsler traveled through William Wordsworth's Lake Distric, reading works by the Romantic poets.
  • Deanna Quinn studied the Gaelic language and Irish literature in Ireland.
  • Krzystof Kardaszewicz attended summer film school at the University of Southern California.
  • Laura Beutler traveled through Jane Austen's England, studying the author within her geographical context.


Available to all students.

The Fulbright Program enables students to engage in a variety of educational activities in other countries, as well as to become student ambassadors while abroad. Founded by Senator William J. Fulbright in 1945, the Fulbright Program is sponsored by the United States Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. It is a highly competitive educational exchange program. Since 1996, Manchester University students have received 26 Fulbright grants, with 19 teaching English as a second language.

  • Forest Etsler taught English as a Second Language in South Korea.
  • Sara Kerkhoff studied literature by women in Morocco.
  • Monique DePue studied how English is taught as a second language in Lima, Peru.