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Theater Classes

Manchester offers classes in acting, directing, and theater and society.

Acting: Learn basic acting terminology and concepts and hone your speaking skills through acting exercises, monologues and scene work.

Directing: Learn the basics of stage directing through various projects including scene work.

Theatre and Society: In this approved core course, students learn the basic history of theater from the Greeks to contemporary times while investigating society's effect on theater and/or how theater has influenced society.


Manchester also offers insightful workshops about various aspects of theater. Recently, Professor Adanma Barton from Berea College visited and lead students in a solo performance workshop.

Opera Workshop also invites student participation. It is offered during January session or the spring semester each year. Operas are performed in English. Musicals are produced in the spring semester every other year. 

Occasionally, students travel abroad during January session to study theater. Students have learned about music, voice and movement during a visit to London to experience theater, The Globe, and culture.

Manchester faculty members also have taken the concept of community connections abroad. Professor Emeritus Scott Strode directed David Holman'sPeacemaker, a play for child audiences, in Pristina, Kosovo and in Albania.
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