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Peace Studies - Co-Curricular Activities

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Kenapocomoco Peace Coalition

Kenapocomoco Peace Coalition (pronounced "Keen-ah-poke") is an informal group of students that meets Mondays at 9 p.m. to discuss social, environmental, political and other issues of conscience, share announcements, and plan action. Guest speakers, videos, debates and discussions focus on campus, national and international issues. The coalition is organized through the Peace Studies Institute and Program in Conflict Resolution Manchester.

More information can be found on the Peace Studies Facebook page (Contact the Peace Studies Coordinator to be added to an additional Facebook group). Kenapoc seeks to welcome all members of the community who are interested in discussing issues of conscience.Contact may be made through the Peace Studies Coordinator (x5108).

Virginia Rendler and Gabby Anglin Celebrate the Refugees Welcome Resolution


Amnesty International Chapter


Meetings are held every other Wednesday at 9 p.m. in the Peace Studies Lounge (ACEN 241). The reconstituted chapter has passed a Refugees Welcome resolution through Student Senate, conducted a Write4Rights campaign, and conducted more human rights-related advocacy on campus.

Center for Environmental Resilience and Social Engagement

The Center for Environmental Resilience and Social Engagement (CERSE) is a collaboration forged by Manchester's two historic interdisciplinary programs, peace studies and environmental studies.  Projects of CERSE focus on education and action on issues of environmental justice, sustainable practices, and moral responsibilities with respect to ecological and human communities. Learn more about the Center for Environmental Resilience and Social Engagement.