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Peace Studies - Student Success


  • Chris Francois '20  is a Class of 2021 Schwarzman Scholar. The first Schwarzman Scholar from Manchester University and the first from Haiti, Chris will pursue a Master's degree in Global Affairs at Schwarzman College at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China.
  • Amy Weeks '19 is studying to become a Master Gardener and plans to continue developing local food economies in the Metro-Detroit area. Amy is the former Environmental Scholar for the Environmental Studies Program and she has worked on small family farms in order to support the local food movement in rural Indiana. 
  • Annika Harley '18 is a Policy and Outreach Associate at Creation Justice Ministries in Washington, DC. Annika advocates for federal environmental justice policies on Capitol Hill, does community environmental justice policies on Capitol Hill, does community environmental education, and helps faith communities get positively involved on climate issues. 
  • Katie Jo Briendenchbach-Wooding '18 is the Education and Training Coordinator at Ohio Recovery Housing in Columbus, Ohio. Katie works on outreach and training for recovery housing operators across the state and engages in housing policy work at the state and federal levels. 
  • Zander Willoughby '18 is the Network and Communications Coordinator for +Peace, a collective action campaign platform of a growing number of peacebuilding organizations housed at the Alliance for Peacebuilding in Washington, DC. +Peace is a member-led platform with three initial campaigns: Peace in Our Products, the first-ever peace-focused product labeling scheme; Peace in Our Names, challenging excessive militarism and asserting that peacebuilding works better; Peace in Our Cities, a movement of people, mayors, and city governments to halve and transform urban violence by 2030. 
  • Caitlin O'Quinn '18 is a volunteer with Brethren Volunteer Services (BVS) at the Asian Rural Institute in Nasushiobara, Japan. Caitlin works to educate the rural community on sustainable farming practices.
  • Michael Himlie '17 is an activist with the Christian Peacemaker Team (CPT). Michael's work with CPT has taken him to conflict-zones around the world such as Hebron, Palestine. Michael regularly engages in nonviolent direct action in order to support the local communities struggle for liberation and freedom. 
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