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Peace Studies - The Gladdys Muir Endowed Chair

Manchester is enhancing its reputation as a global leader in peace studies education with the Gladdys Muir Endowed Professorship in Peace Studies.Gladdys Muir

A revered professor, Muir launched the world’s first undergraduate peace studies program at Manchester in 1948. She believed that if she planted the seeds of creative nonviolence in the hearts of her students, that they would scatter those potent ideas across the globe. Indeed, for nearly 70 years, many Manchester graduates have done just that.

Muir’s groundbreaking program, which examined issues of interpersonal conflict and structural injustice, was so visionary that 23 years passed before another U.S. institution followed her lead. Today, there are more than 300 peace studies programs nationwide.

An endowed professorship is a prestigious achievement. The new position will encourage scholarship and effective teaching, and strengthen our ability to educate students across disciplinary boundaries.

A national search will begin in 2016 and Manchester expects to have the Muir Professor of Peace Studies on board by fall 2017.

Gifts to continue strengthening the Muir Endowed Professorship in Peace Studies can be made online, or by check to Manchester University designating the Muir fund.