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Peace Studies - SOA Watch Vigil 2014

This year 14 students, two faculty, and one staff member made the trip to Georgia for the annual protest against the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation.

These first photos are from the rally held in Lumpkin, GA.  We gathered at the courthouse in the morning and heard from speakers and musicians, then marched a mile or so to Stewart Detention Center. There is a vigil held at Stewart around the same time as the SOA/WHINSEC protest, but this was the first time Manchester people had the chance to attend this event.

Peace Studies Photos

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The following photos are from the vigil held on Sunday to honor victims of SOA violence.  It was a somber day interrupted by steady rain.  During the closing ceremonies with the puppetistas, a downpour fueled a sense of solidarity and community as demonstrators danced in the rain.

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