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Peace Studies - Co-Curricular Activities

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Kenapocomoco Coalition

Weekly meetings are held Mondays at 9 p.m. at Katy Gray Brown's home, 702 E 9th St. Coffee, tea, and popcorn are always provided for discussions centered around social justice issues. We host guest presenters often, but students and faculty typically lead meetings. Kenapoc members are interested in a diverse range of issues, so check our Facebook for a list of upcoming meeting topics.

Movie Nights

The Peace Studies Coordinator, Phil Keim, hosts film screenings about every other week on Thursdays at 8 p.m. Movies are shown at the Peace House, 1106 N Wayne St. Films are selected from a community-generated list, and the upcoming flicks will be advertised here and on Facebook.

Social Media/Contact

Get in touch with Katy Gray Brown (260-982-5343) or Phil Keim (260-982-5108) for more information about any of these events.  We're on Facebook too!  Send a friend request to our intern's account, the Peace Studies Coordinator, and like our page for the Peace Studies Institute of Manchester University.

Upcoming Events 2015:

Sept. 11-12: Kenapoc's annual retreat at Koinonia, featuring a new collaboration with Yoga Club!
Sept. 21: International Day of Prayer for Peace walk to Timbercrest
Oct. 5: Ruth Barrett-Rendler's visit to campus and VIA lecture
Oct. 9-10: "Creating a Workable World" conference at University of Minnesota
Oct. 24: Celebration of UN's birthday
Nov. 2: Robin DiAngelo's visit to campus and VIA lecture
Nov. 11: Armistice Day/Veteran's Day memorial on the MU Mall
Nov. 19: Phyllis Bennis' visit to campus and VIA lecture
Nov. 20-22: Annual trip to the SOA/WHINSEC conference and rally in Georgia