Career and Professional Development

On-Campus Internship Process

Hiring Process:

  1. Fill out the On-campus Internship Request Form and turn it into the Office of Career and Professional Development.
  2. Once approved, the form will be sent to Human Resources for approval. They will be in contact about posting the position.
    • For credit internships do not have to be posted (the student seeks out the experience and proposes the internship with the department).
    • If a student proposes an internship to your office that you wish to accept, then a candidate search is not necessary.
    • Non-credit internships being paid should be posted similar to a campus job. An interview process with multiple applicants should precede hiring the student intern.

Things to identify when creating an internship:

  1. Meaningful Project Work – Defining meaningful project work will clarify the internship expectations and qualifications to employers and students. Compile a list of projects and needs. Then consider which will be primary responsibilities versus secondary. Where some grunt work is expected in an internship, the experience should consist of more than filing paperwork, restocking or grabbing coffee.
  2. Intern Supervisor – This individual will have a hand in or be in charge of the intern’s hiring, orientation, projects, work schedule, evaluation, and assessment of the internship.
  3. Intern Mentor – This is an individual who will answer questions regarding the industry and provide some career coaching. This may or may not be the supervisor. 

Student Worker


Completes basic tasks that are important to the department, but require minimal training and supervision. Typically, can be completed within a day/week.

Completes projects meaningful to the department and their career path. Projects require creativity and critical thinking. They may also take weeks/months to complete.

Students gain work experience that may or may not be relevant to the career they wish to pursue. Regardless they build transferable skills.

Provides student a practical experience that relates to their chosen field. The student also receives valuable networking and professional development opportunities.

Student workers complete hours as needed and participate in evaluation.

Interns are hired for an extended number of hours. They participate in learning objectives as well as evaluation.