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Strengths at MU

The Strengths Initiative

Manchester University wants students to live their strengths!  Strengths are the unique combination of talents, knowledge, and skills that every person possesses. A Strengths-based approach focuses on what one does right instead of what one does wrong. Building their talents into strengths will lead to academic, personal and professional success.

The University along with Career and Professional Development are committed not only to creating successful students, but ensuring that success extends out of the classroom and into the world. This page is designed to help Manchester students, staff, faculty, parents and guests learn more about the Strengths initiative here on campus, and to provide resources to help you obtain and understand your Top Five Talent Themes and how you can positively develop them to maximize your potential.

Discover your Strengths!

First Year Students

All incoming first year students are offered a code for the StrengthsQuest assessment free of charge as part of their FYS Course. If you feel that you never received a code or that your code does not work please email Career and Professional Development.

All MU Students

We are happy to offer a code to any current MU student who is interested in completing the assessment. Email us to get started.


In an effort to fully saturate the University with the Strengths Initiative, we are happy to provide a code and various trainings to all faculty and staff members on campus. Please email for more information. 


Anyone can complete the StrengthsFinder assessment by visiting the StrengthsQuest website and purchasing a code for $10.